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  • 13m 15s /Mi

Yeah, it's warm enough to get out in the morning before work! Set Garmin for :30 intervals and did mostly run 30/walk 30. Did 2x1 minute runs. Can tell it's been a while.

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Zwift - Sub Threshold workout

Steve left for Tampa this morning -- he and his son like to go to a pro golf tournament which gives them some much needed bonding time. It's getting quite spring-like here, and I'm planning a good ride this weekend with some friends over in Pittsfield.

Picked up the Niner from the shop this evening. The front brake rotor needed some truing up (probably got bumped while transporting) and they took the drive train apart and cleaned all the red Oklahoma dust and sand out. Also swapped out the mud tires for the faster "regular" tires. So my bike is all set for spring!
  • 20m

basic strength moves

I think the weekend has caught up with me and I overslept a bit this morning, just enough that there's not time for yoga. I should probably ride tonight to loosen up the legs. We shall see.

  • Yoga
  • 20m

Felt great to stretch

Spent Sunday traveling home to Illinois from Oklahoma. I had considered driving separately and am so glad I didn't -- it's a long drive and the interstate was very crowded.

Land Run 100 was a tough race -- part of that because it's so early in the season but also it's just a difficult race. The hills were relentless. My Garmin ended up with 7000 feet of climbing. There were sections of mud, deep sand, some river crossings and some singletrack with a lot of rocks thrown in. A little bit of everything. I wish I could have gone a bit faster but looking at my age group results, I came in right in the middle, so I guess everyone was struggling.

Today my back is tight and my legs are sore. Probably as much from the long car ride as the race itself.

The Salsa "Chase the Chaise" group was at Land Run. They target 6 or 7 gravel races and drag an old fashioned chaise lounge out to a spot in the last part of the race, along with a photography setup, and take your pic for free. It's fun and gives you something to look forward to. I think they were at mile 84+-.

  • 10h 23m
  • 103.00 miles
  • 9.92 Mi/hr

Land Run 100 -- Amazing and tough

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