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Wheelfast ride. We're almost exactly a mile from the shop so ride to and from. Steve rode with the A group, I was on gravel bike (even on road bike could never keep up) so rode with the slower group. The shop owner rode with the slower group as well and had the new Garmin taillight thing that detects traffic and warns you on your GPS device. What was cool was that he let some of us sync our Garmins to his, and we had the benefit of using the traffic detector too. A little white dot appears on the side of the Garmin when a car is approaching. I was fascinated by this.
After the ride, some of us went out for dinner. It was great to get the summer tradition going again. I realized how much I've missed the social connection over the winter.

Walked/jogged around the block this morning. BT isn't letting me add workouts for some reason. I might try again later.

Busy day with meetings all morning, lunch at Mom's, doc appointment at 3 and then the LBS ride at 6.

The last big weekend of training for Kanza is behind me and I have to say I'm glad. I need to tend to some laundry and finish up flower planting.
Today is a rest day with some easy yoga. Our HR Director is supposed to meet with the CEO to see about moving me into a different position. I did a lot of soul searching this weekend about my current job, trying to figure out where things went wrong, and have somewhat come to the conclusion that our department has a toxic manager situation --- we have the new manager and the director and they are both good people, but they have a bit of an "us against them" attitude, and I (along with others) suspect that the director may have some sort of infatuation with the young manager. Bad, bad, bad...
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Did 30 miles on the trainer while it was raining, then rode outside. Did not get in my planned 100 miles so this will have to work

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Drove over to Pittsfield, IL for some gravel and hills.

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