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Held out hope that an outdoor ride might be on tap for today, but ultimately decided to hit Zwift and not deal with the wind. It had been a while and of course there were some updates to the program, but once that was out of the way it was smooth sailing. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Zwift has added a new world and rode two of the short little courses there.

Rained and was overcast all day. After weeks of 90 degree temps, I'll take it. Not feeling motivated to do much in the way of working out, I'm either getting a mild cold or seasonal allergies are kicking in.
Mondays seem to be turning into rest days --- or at least that's been how it's worked out for the last couple of weeks. Tried a step class from Youtube but it was a little too fast, so ended up cutting it short.

A group of us took Barb for a going away dinner. She moves to St. Charles, Missouri this week. We go way back and I'll miss her. At least it's not too far away.
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We got up early and drove over to Hannibal -- plans were to meet Steve's DD and her family at a festival for lunch. We learned there was a gravel ride prior to the festival and a guy we know invited us to join. Rode with a group of 11 and had a great ride. Afterwards, lunch with the kids.

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