• 1h 53m
  • 28.00 miles
  • 14.87 Mi/hr

Easy ride out to Loami and back

Had plans to meet some friends out at New Salem for a gravel ride but some "surprise" t-storms rolled through that area and changed our plans. I hung around the house for a while, trying to decide if it was going to rain. Steve was feeling unwell and went back to bed. Got out by myself and rode a nice loop that went west through the country.

The new pulleys on the gravel bike seem to make a difference! Maybe it was my imagination but I swear the bike was quieter and smoother.

In August we had a guy power wash and stain our back deck. It's getting on in years and the power washing peeled off a lot of areas of old wood, so that when it was stained with a transparent cedar color, the finished deck was very uneven in color and really looked bad. We decided to stain it with a more opaque stain and went with a darker, chocolate color. Finished this up today and it looks so much better.

  • 19m 35s
  • 1.45 miles
  • 13m 30s /Mi

Walk/jog around the neighborhood, beautiful morning with a big full harvest moon

  • 38m
  • 6.03 miles
  • 9.52 Mi/hr

Hare Scramble at LMA (Church Trails)

Today was the first "Hare Scramble" mtb race at Lewis Memorial Acres (aka Church Trails). Not sure where the name Hare Scramble came from. I'm not much of a mtber but this was a fundraiser for Friends of Sangamon County Animal Control, a wonderful group that works to socialize and help find homes for animals at the local pound.

There were quite a few men but only one other gal --- she was from Jacksonville but I had met her one other time. You had to stand next to your bike and when the horn (big air horn, ugh) went off, jump aboard and ride across a big grass field and into the woods, where you did laps for 30 minutes. The other gal was on a 27.5 Salsa with big tires, which seemed to give her an advantage in the grass and when cornering, in comparison to my 29er which is fast on the straightaway. She had the lead going into the woods but I was able to pass in the first mile and held a 10 second lead.

Brenda drove over in time for the little awards ceremony. She had meniscus surgery last week but is healing well and walking around. Went and got lunch and talked about bucket list events.

Picked up the Niner at the LBS. Matt only charged me $5.00 to install the pulleys, which is probably the lowest bike shop charge I've ever incurred. I'll have to take a picture of the rear derailleur while the new pulleys are shiny and bright. We'll see if I notice any difference in the ride.

Beebee has a follow up vet appointment today over my lunch hour and then I'll drop off the gravel bike to have the pulleys installed.
  • 1h 11m
  • 18.00 miles
  • 15.21 Mi/hr

Wheelfast Ride - did the shorter loop now that it's getting dark earlier

Stopped by the LBS last night after work with my cadence sensor --- Matt (shop owner) changed out battery and fiddled with it a bit and got it working, so he saved me from having to buy a new sensor. This sensor is probably about 9 years old, it's on my 2009 tri bike that I use on the trainer, so I was cool with having to replace it if need be. That kind of mileage out of any sort of Garmin gadget is pretty respectable.

The rear derailleur pulleys that I won at the TT last week had been dropped off at the bike shop, so I'll take the gravel bike over there and have them installed and then take a picture. They are really cool and spin very nicely, so I'm pretty thrilled about my luck.

And it's like 100 degrees with the heat index. Ugh, summer again..

It was super muggy out so decided to Zwift after work instead of riding outside. There was a huge update that ended up taking close to 10 minutes to download and install, which is always frustrating, and then my cadence sensor decided to act up. Changed the battery but my avatar was zooming around with legs remaining in one position. It was too annoying so I bagged the workout.

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