• 29m 16s
  • 2.32 miles
  • 12m 36s /Mi

Washington Park with Karen. Jogged a mile to warm up, then did five hill repeats. By the fifth repeat, we walked all the way back to the bottom. Good workout.

  • 07m

Day 2
25 crunches
25 bicycle
25 leg raise
25 scissor kicks
25 leg raise

  • 1h 12m
  • 19.00 miles
  • 15.83 Mi/hr

Easy road ride with the Steves. My legs are actually in pretty decent shape today, it's my shoulders and arms that are tight.

  • 07m

25 crunches
25 bicycle
25 leg raise
25 hip lifts
25 scissor kicks

Seems like there are a bunch of 30-day ab challenges going on right now, with more or less variations of the same moves. This is one that Robin is doing. I have found a couple of different interpretations of the hip lift move --- one has you lying on your back and lift your butt in the air, the other has you lie on your back with legs straight in the air and you literally lift your hips a couple of inches. That is a lot tougher move than the former, so that will be the one I go with.

Pretty stiff and sore from yesterday's race. We had company all weekend so not a lot of time to blog and catch up on what everyone at BT is up to.

Cleaning house, doing laundry and hopefully an easy road bike ride today.

  • 1h 56m
  • 15.00 miles
  • 7.76 Mi/hr

did the bike leg for Xterra Illinois Wilds. My friend Mary swam and ran. Tough mtb course, but I felt like I did pretty well. Shaved 25 minutes off my time from last year. Mary did a great job on the swim and run.

  • 37m 45s
  • 3.14 miles
  • 12m 01s /Mi

Nice cool morning, took walk break at 1.25 and 2.5 mile marks. Ran on the bike trail --- it's so dark it's like running with eyes closed. A very large raccoon crossed the trail about ten feet in front of me.

We have Matt's funeral this morning and then I need to go back to work. Xterra is tomorrow. Feeling my usual pre-race jitters. I'll pick Mary up at 6:30 a.m. and we'll head to Peoria.

  • 05m

50 squats
20 pushups
20 inverted rows w 10" weights
1 minute plank

Quick little set to wake up to.

Didn't get a workout in today -- overslept and then needed to get some domestic stuff done around the house that I know I won't have time for later.

Probably good to take a rest day. At least that's what I am telling myself.

So it was confirmed that Matt died of a drug overdose, although I don't know what specifically. I guess an autopsy showed that he had an enlarged heart from doing drugs??? Holy hell, how long do you have to be doing drugs for that to happen?
On quite a different topic, I talked with my boss today about changing up some of my job duties. Right now I do print graphic work and some small website work when the situation demands, I am hoping to move into more of an administrative role serving as the go-between in IT and the engineers on our web-based applications. It would mean a fair amount of course work (mostly Sharepoint) but good lord, I'm bored and need a change.
  • 25m 52s
  • 2.14 miles
  • 12m 05s /Mi

Trying to build back up to longer runs before I feel the need to take a walk break. This morning I was happy to get to 1.25 miles before walking. Kept it nice and slow, almost felt like a massage for my tired legs.

  • 52m
  • 7.78 miles
  • 8.98 Mi/hr

Rode laps on the Church trails. There are a couple of new paths that make things interesting. Lots of people riding tonight. There was a guy riding who is stationed here in Springfield for the Army Guard, we rode four laps, alternating who would lead. I had fun trying to keep up.

It's going to be another insane work day. The boss actually looked scared yesterday, trying to figure out how everything is going to get done. Personally I think he just needs to learn to say "no" to some people. It's the procrastination factor that makes everything snowball into chaos.
I do look at the increased workload as an opportunity to rack up some extra PTO.

Will do another mtb ride tonight and work on switchbacks and turning without riding the brakes. My bike is a 29er and is fast and nimble, but I struggle on tight turns. Feeling pretty good about the Xterra race this weekend, at least it should be a better experience than last year.

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