• 1h 41m
  • 8.05 miles
  • 12m 33s /Mi

Nice longish run with some friends. Part was through subdivisions, part on singletrack and part on paved bike path.

  • 30m
  • 2.40 miles
  • 12m 30s /Mi

Easy jog around the neighborhood. Took short walk break on the mile mark.

  • 1h 41m
  • 11.80 miles
  • 7.01 Mi/hr

Took the afternoon off and took a chance on thunderstorms --- drove to Peoria and met Jennifer from the Peoria MTB club, her friend Libby, and Jon, the trail steward. Wanted to get familiar with the Xterra course. I rode two laps of the north part by myself before everyone else got there, and then we rode another lap plus part of the south loop.

I did better on this trail than I did last year although obviously am a long way from being fast. Last year the rock gardens terrified me and I walked them all, this year I actually enjoyed picking my lines through the rocks. Maybe that's because I was able to slow down and catch my breath?

Libby is a new mtb rider but you would think she was born to it. Damned young people. She did have one scary spill on a big rock and split her thumb. I had a bandana which served to stop the bleeding pretty quickly, hope she was able to get the wound cleaned and disinfected.

  • 51m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 8.24 Mi/hr

MTB on Church trails. Did a couple of loops and experimented with going out into the field where a nearby high school runs cross country. Riding in the grass is a good workout. Trails were in pristine condition despite 2 inches of rain several days ago. Wanted to ride longer but it was getting dark and I did not bring lights.

  • 59m 57s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 11m 59s /Mi

Was trying sooooo hard to come in under 12 mm and just squeaked in. Tempo run. First and last miles at roughly 13 mm, middle 3 at 11-something pace. Took walk break every mile. Good run, lots of people out on the bike path.

  • 20m

ITB Routine from

20 each leg - lateral raise with band
20 each leg - clamshell with band
25 each leg - hip thrust
5 sets of side step with band, 10 steps left, 10 right
10 each leg - slow pistol squat
10 each leg - step up/knee raise on stairs - 1 set on first step, 1 set on second step
20 iron cross

Got no workout in yesterday. A combination of still not feeling quite right after being sick on the weekend and the overcast, rainy weather put me in "dont give a crap" mode.

My half marathon plan for today calls for a 6 mile tempo run. I have a route mapped out that should work well, the challenge will be sticking to the paces they call for. I guess I could program the Garmin to beep if I get going to fast or too slow (the latter is more likely the case!) but that seems like a bit of a hassle. Treadmill would be the obvious choice when you want to control pace, but six miles? Ugh...

Stayed up way too late watching Avatar last night. It's not like I haven't seen the movie several times already, jeez. And then had trouble falling asleep. Must have finally dozed off in a bizarre position because this morning my elbows both ache. Makes no sense at all.

Decided to race the upcoming Xterra as a team with my buddy Mary. She will swim and run, I'll tackle the mountain bike leg. The course kicked my ass badly last year. I'm planning to take off work early Friday and drive up to Peoria to ride the course, and wouldn't-cha-know there's rain in the forecast. It's like there are forces at work here. If it does rain, it will be the third time my ride's been cancelled.

And of course the pre-race nervous dreams begin --- had a dream that I couldn't find my cycling shoes while Mary was out swimming. I was running all over a large, dusty theatre-type building looking for them. Finally found them and hustled down to transition, where Mary had been waiting for an hour. Ugh..
  • 25m
  • 2.00 miles
  • 12m 30s /Mi

Met Mary at Washington Park, she is recovering from a race on Saturday so slowed down. Jogged around the park then ran three hill repeats. Then went back to the car via the dirt trails in the woods. Nice night for a run.

  • 10m

30 squats
40 "knee" pushups
20 inverted rows
1 minute plank

Well, my running buddy Karen has tweaked her knee and can't run tonight. Much as I love having the company, I know that we tend to just crank out junk miles when we run together. I think I'll head over to Washington Park for some hill work.

BT seems a little quiet lately. I was going to blame it on the new site design but thinking back, it seems like there's normally an ebb in activity and blogging in the summer. I do think that the new site has somewhat complicated the simple act of inspiring friends, which is my favorite feature. The forums seem quieter too.

After our ride yesterday, Steve and I had a nice meal at a local place where you can sit outside. Had a couple of glasses of wine and a green chili cheeseburger, which was incredibly tasty. On the way home I commented that it seemed like the wine had kicked in awfully hard for no more than I drank, and I felt kind of dizzy. About an hour after getting home, I got violently ill. Not sure what happened --- everything tasted ok.

So today stomach feels kind of "raw", if that makes sense. I had planned a longish run today but that probably won't happen, or at the very minimum will be a shorter run. Ugh...

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