Bike #1
  • 33m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 9.09 Mi/hr

Cross bike on New Salem trails. Practiced the mount/dismount thing, don't quite have it down yet.

Bike #2
  • 56m
  • 7.20 miles
  • 7.71 Mi/hr

MTB on New Salem trails with Mary and her husband and our friend Carol. Fun group ride.

  • 1h 29m
  • 7.23 miles
  • 12m 18s /Mi

Nice run this morning. Temps were in the 40s, wonderful running weather!

  • 1h 08m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

Easy ride with Steve out in the country. Rode cross bike while he had his road bike, had to work to keep up with him

  • 07m

Ab challenge

Bed won this morning. Felt good to sleep in

  • 40m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 7.50 Mi/hr

Church trails on the cross bike

  • 12m

3 x through
30" jumping jacks
10 pushups
30" jump rope
10 inverted rows, 10# db
20 squats
30" mountain climbers
30" planks

Raining just hard enough this morning to cancel any thoughts of running. We really need this rain, and the subsequent cool weather that is supposed to follow. So let it rain.

  • 38m
  • 3.08 miles
  • 12m 20s /Mi

Well that was certainly a slogfest. Kind of felt like I was moving in slow motion. Pollen is high and the corn is just about ready to be harvested, so lots of haze in the air.

  • 43m
  • 9.80 miles
  • 13.67 Mi/hr

I took the CX bike to the LBS on Monday to have a cyclometer installed (finally after nearly 4 years!). While I was there I picked out a new saddle to replace the uncomfortable stock seat, and asked if they would do a quick tuneup, mostly just to make sure everything was ok. Picked it up tonight and was baited into riding part of the "Wheelfast Ride", the Wednesday night ride from that shop. I have done this ride twice and been dropped both times. Laughed because with the knobby tires, keeping up was not even an option. Told myself I would try to hang on as far as the wildlife sanctuary and then peel off.
Hung out in the back. The first three miles were at 19-21 mph and I was sucking wind just trying to keep up. The route turns onto a gravelly country road and the leaders slowed down, this is where the cross bike is great to have.
I turned off when this road met up with the country blacktop and headed back home. I made a poor choice, as I was on a busy, busy road headed west with the sun glaring. There was no shoulder so rode in the gravel and grass on the side. It was a little unnerving but good practice, and I felt pretty good about this ride. I might even go back next week and try to hang on a bit longer.

  • 43m 21s
  • 3.62 miles
  • 11m 58s /Mi

Steamy run in the early morning. Couple of other runners out trying to beat the heat. It's already 79.

  • 40m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 7.50 Mi/hr

Met Mary on the mtb trail and rode a couple of laps. Coached Mary on riding one of the little log piles and she did great!!

  • 10m

Combination IT Band moves and ab challenge
30 l/r lateral leg raise
20 l/r clam shell
20 l/r hip raise (one legged)
25 crunch
25 bicycle
25 hip lift
25 scissor
5 x 10 side shuffle with band
20 pistol squats
20 standing hip lift

Was drenched after running this morning. Grabbed a towel and laid it on the floor to do core work. BeeBee immediately took up residence on the towel and is still out there, claiming it.

  • 08m

25 crunches
25 bicycles
25 hip lift
25 scissor
25 squats
25 plie squats

  • Kettlebell
  • 30m

Kettlebell DVD

Oh joy, I am getting a cold.
Both people I knew who were doing IM Wisconsin this year DNF'd. I feel bad for them.

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