Run #1
  • 39m
  • 3.20 miles
  • 12m 11s /Mi

Garmin was dead this morning, I think it's time to send it off for a new battery as it's not holding a charge very well. So the distance is hit or miss.

Run #2
  • 26m 01s
  • 2.08 miles
  • 12m 30s /Mi

Lewis Memorial Trail Moonlight Run
2 mile fun run to raise awareness (and money) for the mtb trail. It's on some land next to a church, so some of the members of that congregation volunteered and offered their restrooms so we didn't have to use a portapotty in the dark.
I had a high lumen bike light that I carried. Good, because in the dark forest you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Had a really good run considering the humidity. Ran behind two girls (well, they were in their 20s) who had just a small flashlight. My light gave enough light for everyone. At one point I passed them and ran on ahead. Could hear them fumbling through the dark so just stopped and waited so they could have benefit of the light again.
Really fun event. Mary and Brenda also ran.

Felt like I was getting sick last night --- either getting a cold or it's a reaction to the flu shot I had last week. Took some Nyquil and passed out at 9:00. Figured I would oversleep and have a Nyquil hangover but I actually woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Go figure...

There's a night run on the local mtb trail to raise money for maintaining the trail. It's only about a mile, I'll probably run.

Work is going to be an evil b*tch today, have three deadlines and the PM I am working with has been out of town. Ugh...looking forward to retirement

  • 07m


The bed fought and won this morning.

  • 47m 29s
  • 3.86 miles
  • 12m 18s /Mi

Supposed to be 4 miles this morning. Tried a new route and came up short when I got back to the house. Too tired to run the last .14 of a mile, how sad is that?

Kind of hoped to get a bike ride in tonight, but I knew I had a couple of stops on the way home --- pet store for kitty food, Kohls and then the grocery store. If I had any hopes of riding after that, the early sunset and a light rain squashed those plans. Made a pot of chili and cooked a couple of brats from our trip to Hermann, MO.

  • 46m 35s
  • 4.00 miles
  • 11m 38s /Mi

Met Karen at Washington Park and ran two laps. Temps in the 70s with a light breeze made for perfect conditions. We took walk breaks roughly every mile, timed with the two drinking fountains in the park.

  • 20m

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Level 2
Haven't done this workout in a very long time, forgot how much I like it

Bike #1
  • 33m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 9.09 Mi/hr

Cross bike on New Salem trails. Practiced the mount/dismount thing, don't quite have it down yet.

Bike #2
  • 56m
  • 7.20 miles
  • 7.71 Mi/hr

MTB on New Salem trails with Mary and her husband and our friend Carol. Fun group ride.

  • 1h 29m
  • 7.23 miles
  • 12m 18s /Mi

Nice run this morning. Temps were in the 40s, wonderful running weather!

  • 1h 08m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

Easy ride with Steve out in the country. Rode cross bike while he had his road bike, had to work to keep up with him

  • 07m

Ab challenge

Bed won this morning. Felt good to sleep in

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