• 35m

25 crunches
25 bicycles
25 leg lifts
25 scissors
25 hip raise
1 minute planks

6 PM
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, Level 2

5 rounds of:
20 lunges
10 pushups

Got one of those fasting blood tests this morning. Already hungry.

  • 19m 24s
  • 1.57 miles
  • 12m 21s /Mi

Today is supposed to be a rest day but legs were tight in that need-to-move-them kind of way, so jogged up to the ATM to get cash for the cleaning lady.

  • 1h 07m
  • 5.45 miles
  • 12m 17s /Mi

Met Karen at Washington Park for a nice run.

  • 45m
  • 3.78 miles
  • 11m 54s /Mi

Legs are still tired but felt good to get out and move.

  • 12m

5 rounds of
10 pushups
10 sit ups
10 air squats

  • 07m

25 crunches
25 bicycle
25 leg lifts
25 hip lifts
25 scissor kicks
1 minute plank

  • Yoga
  • 05m

Some sun salutation stuff to try and work some of the stiffness out

So after getting in a car and driving 1 1/2 hours right after cx, i hurt in places I had forgotten. Took an aleve before going to bed last night, had a feeling this morning would not be a running morning. Back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs are pretty sore and tight. My planned 3-mile run will just have to wait.

  • 45m
  • 8.00 miles
  • 10.67 Mi/hr

Holy h*ll that was hard. I have been practicing the mount/remount at the obstacle thing, but what I needed to be working on for this race was long grinding climbs up grassy hills. ouch ouch ouch. But I finished vertically and had fun, met some great people. Weather was gorgeous too.

Driving down to Alton, IL today for the first cyclocross race of the season. It may be the last depending on how things go...

  • 1h 46m
  • 8.70 miles
  • 12m 11s /Mi

The ab work I've been doing is beginning to help with running - my back didn't get sore today and could feel core working.
Brisk morning, temps in the 50s made for great running conditions. Ran through a couple of subdivisions I don't get over to and the change of scenery was great.
The full moon must be messing with the wildlife -- there's a big cornfield at the end of our street and the local coyote pack was in there just yodeling away. Sound carries but it did seem like they were very close to the street. I love hearing them but at a respectful distance.
And then there was a brief standoff with a scary dog --- no one lets their dog run loose around here unless it's an accident. So it was kind of funny to see a dog sitting in the middle of a quiet subdivision road, obviously enjoying some sunshiny freedom. Got closer and the dog suddenly got very protective of her yard --- to the point where she crossed the road and was showing her teeth, hair standing up on back, walking very stiff legged. She was a smallish dog, maybe 45 pounds, brindle with some white, and she had one blue eye --- so I am guessing maybe a boxer or pit/Aussie or husky mix? There was a truck parked on the street and I got it between us and walked slowly backwards. Damn thing stayed with me all the way to the end of the street.
And no owner in sight. From all the noise the dog was making I kept expecting someone to come out of the house. Grr...stupid owners

  • Equestrian
  • 1h 00m

Went out to my sister's and rode Pete. He was kind of grouchy today, did not like the bit that my sister had on him. Next time we will switch back to the snaffle bit, he is happier with that one.

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