• 1h 08m
  • 5.50 miles
  • 12m 21s /Mi

Easy run, nice morning

  • 45m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 8.00 Mi/hr

Took Cross bike around the church trails and on the grass XC course. Tried the run-up-the-hill-carrying-the-bike maneuver, which was questionably successful. Did some mount/dismount stuff on the straighter parts of the trail; last year I practiced a lot at this and it is starting to come back although I'm not going to set any records.

Nice ride. Trails are so dry and powdery. Washed the bike when I got home and oiled chain and some of the lines.

  • 06m

Day 2 Abs
25 crunch
25 bicycle
50 scissors
25 hip lift

So my week long hiatus from running ends today. It will be good to get back into it.
There are a couple of CX races I've tentatively put on the schedule and the first one is in two weeks. I probably should dust off the CX bike and do some riding.
BeeBee came through her surgery just fine yesterday although she was a freaked out mess when I picked her up. She was also starving. The vet sent home some syringes with a liquid painkiller to give her for the next two days and it's been easier to administer than I had anticipated.
Bee must have been in a lot of pain from these bad teeth, she had lost a little bit of weight (good thing since she's overweight but not a good way to lose it) and seemed to be getting pickier about her food. Now I'm convinced she was just in too much pain to eat. Damn cats, why can't they just tell us what the issue is instead of being stoic and trying to hide it?
Lunch with my mom and sister at Olive Garden today. Yum

  • 22m

Have missed some days on my Ab Challenge streak, so...
25 crunches
25 bicycles
25 hip lift
25 scissor

6 PM
Butt Bible DVD - fun and silly

Have to take BeeBee the cat in to have two teeth extracted. So no food after midnight. She is meowing angrily from the other room, demanding her food. Ugh, the guilt....

  • 25m

30" jumping jacks
10 pushups
20 squat jumps
4 pullups
20 split squats
50 bench squats
10 box jumps, 18" box
10 pushups
30" jump rope
4 pullups
30" jumping jacks
30" jump rope
3 x 10 wall squats with fitness ball, then hold for 10"

Decided to take an entire week off from running and start back into it this weekend.
Was talking with the race director for the local Route 66 Half Ironman yesterday. He has been kind of hiding out since the race. I guess there were several incidents with some out of town d-bag types that angered him so much that he wanted to quit. Not sure specifically what happened, but I had heard that one of the girl scout volunteers got screamed and cursed at for not handing out water quickly enough on the run. What the hell is wrong with people? It would be interesting to see a psychological profile for some of these people.

  • 58m
  • 15.00 miles
  • 15.52 Mi/hr

Easy road ride with Steve after work. Lots of the back roads have been recently rocked, making for some slow going. It's a gorgeous evening, feels like fall.

  • 10m

25 crunches
25 bicycles
25 scissor kicks
25 hip lifts
25 leg raise, l/r
25 clamshell l/r
1 minute plank
25 squats
25 plie squats

Back to work, reality today. Back to better nutrition. Need to clean the mtb tonight and finish doing laundry, and work a short run in there somewhere.

My friend Mary was messaging me on FB last night wanting to pick a HIM for 2014. I trained for a HIM this year but ended up not racing but don't feel any pressing urge to commit to a race. I'm thinking I may stick to Xterra events from hereonout.

  • 3h 00m
  • 30.00 miles
  • 10.00 Mi/hr

We stayed in Hermann, Missouri, in the heart of vineyard country. The Katy Trail is 2 miles from where we stayed, so we rode the mountain bikes across the Missouri River and picked up the trail at McKittery, a tiny town. The Katy Trail is crushed limestone, so the best bike setup has slightly wider tires than a standard road bike. You see a lot of hybrid and touring bikes on this trail. We only had our mtbs with the big knobby, so less than ideal, but it worked just fine.

The trail actually gets a little repetitive --- it's just mile after mile of converted railroad bed paralleling the Missouri River. Now and then there are farms but mostly it's just in State-owned forest land. We were ready to be done but it was a good workout.

Home from vacation after three amazing days. Steve and I remarked that we felt like kids again --- fishing, kayaking, biking. Best part there was no schedule and we just winged the entire weekend. We had some amazing meals --- in Lebanon, Missouri, we ate at a steakhouse where they make their own moonshine. The bartender let us sample some. I think you could get really messed up on that stuff. For lunch, we found a tiny BBQ place that served a wonderful pulled pork sandwich.

In Hermann, Missouri, we ate at a very old winery in a converted carriage house. We stayed in a "quaint" hotel that was a converted mortuary/furniture store. The first floor is a sort of flea market and the top two floors are the rooms. i wasn't too sure about the place but it had amazing reviews on Trip Advisor. The room was beautiful but I had trouble getting past the mortuary thing. Every time we rode the elevator I would wonder if they used to wheel bodies onto the same elevator. Which was irrational because the place was built in the 1800s and they didn't have elevators per se. But still...

We brought home a cooler of rainbow trout and enjoyed some of that tonight on the grill. There really is nothing like fresh seafood. We also brought home some bratwurst that was made in Hermann, Missouri, and will grill that up one of these cool evenings.

So it's back to work tomorrow, sadly. Now to catch up on BT and inspires!!!

  • 52m
  • 6.10 miles
  • 7.04 Mi/hr

We left Bennett Spring and headed east toward St. James, Missouri. It was on the way to Hermann, Missouri, and I had found a mountain bike trail in this tiny town that looked quite promising. We were not disappointed. Parts of it are classed as beginner level but even those sections were gorgeous --- the trail winds through a forest of very tall, old pine trees. The air smelled fresh and "pine-tastic".

About two miles into the trail the terrain changed and the forest was interspersed with open sections that were big stretches of shale rock. There was bright green lichen growing on the rocks. Then back into the woods but instead of smooth singletrack, we rode through one rock garden after another. I had to walk through a couple of sections but overall felt like I rode these technical areas fairly well.

The last stretch of the trail was a net uphill on lots of loose rock, and there were several parts we had to walk. Which sucked because the minute you stopped moving, the black gnats would attack and bite.

This was an amazing trail. I love finding these gems and wish we didn't have to drive so far to enjoy them.

  • Fishing
  • 1h 30m

BAck to Bennett Spring for day two of trout fishing. The fish were biting like crazy today. I would barely toss my line in and would catch one, and they were bigger trout today. More like a pound each. Had a blast catching and releasing the little ones.

Just as we were finishing up a very strong thunderstorm came rolling through the area. I am guessing that is why the fishing was so good.

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