• 45m

Phase 2 Functional Movement, Workout B - MTB coaching
It's getting a bit more challenging, more kettlebell. Supposed to do a handstand (using the wall for balance) but could. not. do. it. Settled for the headstand.

Working until noon today, then running some errands for my trip, get a short run in, strength workout, pack and dinner with Steve for his birthday. Feel so ready for a girls' trip, even if I'm undertrained for the race.

  • 55m
  • 23.00 miles
  • 25.09 Mi/hr

I know that pace is not right, this was spin class. Kicked butt, packed room

  • 32m
  • 2.82 miles
  • 11m 20s /Mi

Put the treadmill on the "Hill" workout, low level, and just got 'er done. The new gym has plenty of fans and I found a machine right underneath a big fan. Much better than the Y.

  • 06m

20 BW squat
20 one legged squats
30 sec plank
10 crunches
10 bicycles
10 leg lifts
10 hip lifts
10 glute bridge

Another arctic day in Central Illinois. Will probably go run on the treadmill this evening. Time to start thinking about what to take for my Florida weekend.

  • 45m

Started Phase 2 Functional Movement stuff from mtb coach
Too lazy to write it all down

  • 1h 11m
  • 5.71 miles
  • 12m 26s /Mi

Easy run. Went all right.

  • 55m
  • 16.00 miles
  • 17.45 Mi/hr

From mtb coaching
5 minute warmup, then 2 times:
10 x 30 second interval, 30 second recovery
5 minute recovery
3 x 7 minute threshold w/2 minute recovery
5 minute warmdown

good workout, had to do this on the trainer. I really need to get a mtb set up on the trainer, as the tri bike is very different.

  • 30m

One of Tammy's workouts:
20" plank
100 crunches
10 back extensions
20" plank
30 squats w/20 lbs weights
30 wide stance squat w/20 lbs weights
30 deadlifts, 25#
30 step ups
30 hamstring curls

Then threw in some medicine ball stuff. Felt like a good workout

Going to give this flu thing at least another day of rest, got the snotty nose thing going now which is very unpleasant for all involved. At this point I need to be realistic about the half marathon next weekend, probably not going to be the PR I was hoping for. But it will still be a good time! There are 6 of us flying down to Florida and shacking up at Karen's tiny house in Tarpon Springs.

Today's agenda - get better!!!!
I did go to work on Thursday after fever broke, but left early. Couldn't stand the thought of another day on the couch. This morning still have stomach ache and runny nose. We are supposed to go to a bike club social after work but I may have to rethink that depending on how the day goes.

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