• 40m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 9.00 Mi/hr

Threshold Workout A from MTB coaching site (done on spin bike at the Y)
5 minute easy spin
6 x 3 minutes standing, 2 minute recovery

By the 4th set, I had to take 10 second breaks every 45 seconds --- just absolutely killing me. This is definitely my weakness on the mtb and I want to improve it

  • 45m

20 squats
10 pushups
10x crunches, bicycles, leg lifts, hip lifts, scissor kick

6 PM
Workout A - Phase 1 Functional Training - MTB Coaching site
1/4 turkish getup - 3 each side
10 KB one arm swin
Walkback bridge - basically doing a backbend and walking down the wall (does that make sense?). Only did 3 tonight but they felt better. The sensation of being upside down is freaky.
20 pushups
20 flat leg raises
6 suitcase deadlift with kB, l/r
1/2 kneeling alt row - 12 l/r

Plan is to head to the Y after work for an exciting treadmill run.

  • 30m

Bunch of odds and end strength stuff that I am too lazy to write down

  • 30m
  • 2.56 miles
  • 11m 43s /Mi

Drove over to the Y and managed to get a treadmill.

  • 45m

Workout B - Phase 1 Functional Training from MTB Strength Workout
too tired to type it all up

Holy crap it's cold here. I did make it to work today. Steve and I shoveled the driveway which, thankfully, did not have much snow accumulated due to the driving wind. It faces east, so the house blocked the worst of it. However, our front porch faces north and we shoveled the walk for the newspaper lady and the area around the mailbox.

We were both bundled up pretty good, and I even put BodyGlide on my face (try this, it works), but with a wind chill of -32, it was just a matter of time before it was too miserable to be outside. Took a couple of breaks to let the fingers thaw out.

Made it in to work today. Besides my boss, I was the only one in our department who was able to come to work. And jeez, all the schools, many businesses, even the state of Illinois offices were closed today and yet our company was open. We had the choice of staying home if it was too dangerous, but had to use PTO time.

My boss is sick and hacking crud up. Just stay home people!!!!!

  • 30m
  • 10.00 miles
  • 20.00 Mi/hr

Trainer workout -- did part of SufferFest Local Hero

Batten down the hatches, the winter storm is rolling in. Looks like an indoor kind of day.

7 PM update
Steve and I stayed in all day. This has to be some kind of first for us. Our area got around 10 inches of snow and high winds with whiteout conditions today. Looks like pretty much everything is already shut down for tomorrow in anticipation of record low temperatures.

  • 30m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 14.00 Mi/hr

Rode the spin bike at the Y, it's closer to mtb than my tri bike on the trainer. Put it on Hill workout and stood up to pedal for 10-20 sec on each hill. The gym was ridiculously busy with the resolutionaries and at the 30 minute point, had to stop and let someone else have the bike.

  • 15m
  • 1.30 miles
  • 11m 32s /Mi

Short dreadmill run after the bike. gym still too hot for any kind of decent workout.

  • 45m

6 PM
Bike James MTB Training - Phase 1 Functional Movement

Dynamic warmup (about 10 minutes of various stretches and moves)
1/4 Turkish Getup with KB - 3 each side
KB swing - 2 x 10 each side
5 - Walkback bridge
20 pushups
20 flat leg raises
6 suitcase deadlift, l/r
12 kneeling alt row, l/r
10 x 10 second standing sprint on bike, 50 sec recovery

-4 here today. I was grateful that my car started. Even sitting in the garage it's ass cold.
Our street was pretty slick after yesterday morning's snow storm, and our house sits on the outside of a slight curve in the road. It surprises people who aren't familiar with the subdivision layout. Looks like someone missed the curve and drove up through our yard, narrowly missing the mailbox, a very large tree, and the corner of the house, before exiting onto the road again.

  • 10m

2 x
25 squats
10 pushups
30 sec plank - l/r/middle
10 crunches, bicycles, leg lifts, hip lifts, glute briches

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