• 1h 11m
  • 5.65 miles
  • 12m 33s /Mi

Jogged over to the park and did the monkey bars, rope climb and practiced hanging upside down. Getting slightly better at these. Also did some balance work by running on curbs -- started out just walking and eventually was able to look about ten feet ahead and jog a bit.

Didn't make it to the half marathon. Needed to run and the idea of driving all the way downtown and fighting the crowds just was not appealing.

We have a chili cookoff and a wedding reception to attend this afternoon/evening. They are both at lake clubs in close proximity, so very casual.

  • 1h 00m
  • 14.00 miles
  • 14.00 Mi/hr

Guessing on the distance. Rode the trainer and watched rerun of Walking Dead Season finale

So the Edwardsville biathlon is definitely no longer on my radar. The area is still getting socked with thunderstorms and there was a tornado in metro St. Louis yesterday. Hello Spring, I suppose.

Our local half marathon is tomorrow (I'm not running in it this year), but they have topped 2,000 runners, which is pretty remarkable considering that this race used to attract about 300 people in its infancy. I have to go down to expo to take a box of running club stuff, so will check it out

Big line of thunderstorms are rolling through the area, felt great to sleep in a bit. This, unfortunately, makes the idea of an off road biathlon on Saturday not so appealing -- if the trails are too wet to ride on, which is very likely, the bike portion will be an out and back on a paved trail.

  • 29m 48s
  • 2.42 miles
  • 12m 18s /Mi

Slept well and managed to get out of bed for a run. It was drizzling but otherwise a nice morning. Threw in some short surges with walking for recovery and climbed up the big grass hill again. Did some balance work by walking on top of the curbs.

  • 45m

Phase 4, workout B, Functional strength mtb workout
2 x 6 Stagger Stance deadlift, 15% DB
2 x 10 mountain climbers (slow version)
3 x 3 Goblet squat, 15# DB
3 x Uni Guard press, 15# DB
2 x 10 Rotational deadlift, KB
2 x 10 3 point row
2 x 20 steps Farmers Walk

10 KB swings, 10 pushups
10 KB swings, 9 pushups
10 KB swings, 8 pushups and so on, down to 1 pushup

Can I say that I am so completely stoked that Robin, Laura, and my non-BT friends, Mary and Carol, plus myself, all got into the 2014 Midwest Womens Mountain Bike Clinic? They capped attendance at 80 this year and it filled up in less than one day.

  • 59m
  • 10.20 miles
  • 10.37 Mi/hr

Took the mtb up the paved trail and rode the north Lake Trail. Only rode as far as the creek, which was flooded and impassable. Could tell it's early in the year, the hills and roots were challenging. Good to get out, and it's supposed to storm tonight so probably the last time on these trails for a week or so.

Ah, April, I hope you are a gentler month than March and February have been.

  • 17m 55s
  • 1.52 miles
  • 11m 47s /Mi

Ran down the road a bit and then climbed up the big grass hill, caught my breath, and jogged back. Really really windy and overcast, storms are moving in, so kept it short and close to home.

  • 30m

Phase 4, Workout A Functional Movement - MTB Strength Training
2 x DB Cheat Curl + Press, 15# DB
2 x Turkish Getup + March in place 10 steps
3 x 2 single leg deadlift
3 x 2 single leg uni press
2 x 5 TRX balance lunge
2 x 30 steps rack walk
2 x 5 mixed grip chin up

  • 51m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 8.24 Mi/hr

Steve and I drove down to Edwardsville and rode the mtb trails. We got a little turned around but no worries, found our way.

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