I had a couple of bites from those nasty black flies that were very painful, so took a Benadryl before going to bed. Wow, talk about sleeping like a rock. Need to score some of that vanilla bug repellant stuff.

Picked up MTB from LBS -- had taken it in for a quick inspection. There was a squeak/creak sound coming from the vicinity of the bottom bracket, but Matt the Mechanic determined it was a bearing on the pedals that needed some lube. He also put another shot of sealant in the front tire, so I am good to go.

Can't wait for Thursday to head out to Brown County Womens MTB Clinic!

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that I signed up for the St. Judes Memphis Marathon in December! What am I smoking??
  • 22m
  • 1.80 miles
  • 12m 13s /Mi

Abe's Army program - Kristina is the other leader of our group, she led and I brought up the rear. Made the decision that I would adhere to a run 1 minute, walk 30 seconds to give the newbie runners an opportunity to get a break. They are all at that stage where they think it's a sign of weakness to take a walking break. When we were finished, the ones who had taken the walk breaks seemed to be feeling a little better than the ones who gutted out the run, and were not that much slower.

  • 4h 00m
  • 62.00 miles
  • 15.50 Mi/hr

Bike club ride with Steve, Mary and some other people. This was a huge ride with numerous groups. Going out was great -- we had a tailwind and averaged 21 mph. Coming back was utterly miserable with strong headwinds and temps close to 90. Steve had horrible problems with cramping and I almost ended up taking him to the ER, he looked so bad. Got him home and gave him a handful of potassium and magnesium pills plus some salty soup. He soaked in a cool tub for a while and now seems to be ok, but it was scary.

  • 35m
  • 2.80 miles
  • 12m 30s /Mi

Met one of my newbie runners for a jog/walk downtown. Should have run a few extra miles afterwards but the farmers market was opening up and the strawberries always sell out quickly, so I bagged the long run. Picked up some strawberries, onions, tomatoes, a pound of sausage from a farmer who has "free range" hogs, and some olive oil (lady from local Greek Orthodox church has family in Greece who press olives).

  • 1h 14m
  • 12.00 miles
  • 9.73 Mi/hr

Rode mtb over to the local bike shop to schedule a tuneup, then hit church trails. Hot, close to 90, but the woods were lovely and cool

  • 41m 52s
  • 3.50 miles
  • 11m 57s /Mi

Ate some pizza last night and all the cheese, gluten and added salt had me feeling almost poisoned this morning. Felt good to get out and sweat some of it out. Decent run on the only hilly course in the area

  • 25m

Workout A - Phase 5 MTB Strength Systems

Haven't been doing weights much for no reason other than I just haven't been doing them. Felt good to go down in the basement and start the day that way. Now to go water flowers!

  • 43m
  • 3.60 miles
  • 11m 56s /Mi

Ran out on the bike trail and back. Nice night

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