Got home tonight after driving 14 hours straight. Race was awesome. Will catch up on inspires in the morning!
  • 1h 10m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 6.00 Mi/hr

Prerode the mtb course with Steve. Seems like the trail is either super super easy or very difficult. Parts of it are definitely out of my comfort zone.

  • 05m

20 kb swings
20 squats

Working this morning, then coming home to pack. Picking up Mom around 4, then heading out for Maryland. Plan is to get to the other side of Indianapolis tonight, then drive much of Friday. We will meet up with my aunt, who lives in Sandy Spring, MD, late Friday and mom will go with her. Steve and I then go to Cumberland, MD, which is about 10 miles from the race.

Saturday we will try preriding the mtb course and maybe do some light biking on the Alleghany Trail. Race is on Sunday. Heading back Monday. It's gonna be a short trip with a lot of driving, but should be fun. Mostly I'm glad that Mom will get to spend some time with her sister.

  • 17m 36s
  • 1.48 miles
  • 11m 53s /Mi

Overslept a bit and didn't have time for the 4 miler I had hoped for. This felt about right, just enough to shake out the legs. When I got back, noticed that i had put on two different running shoes.

Going to be pretty busy today - have a deadline at work. Need to pick up mtb at LBS and try out the new tire, make some food for our trip to Maryland, figure out logistics, etc.

  • 24m 09s
  • 1312.00 yards
  • 01m 50s /100 yards

Thinking maybe I lost track of some laps although I did feel like I was having a very good swim. Did a simulation for Sunday's Xterra
600 meters
get out and jog around the pool (simulate the 50 meter beach)
600 meters

  • 55m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 6.55 Mi/hr

guessing on time -- my bike is in the shop getting a new front tire, but Steve really wanted to go mtb. I rode his old Rockhopper with the triple chain ring and 26" tires. It's a really heavy bike but did alright.

  • 10m

30 squats
20 knee pushups
20 inverted rows, 10 lb db
60 sec plank

Woke up at 4:00 with the plan to get a run in. A big thunderstorm was in progress. Went back to sleep and enjoyed waking up a bit later than usual.

Went to an ortho doc yesterday for some chronic pain in my left thumb that I thought might be tendonitis. Seems like it started when I was lifting weights back in the spring, and made worse by mountain biking. Turns out I have arthritis in that joint. They gave me a soft splint to wear when needed. I have to admit that arthritis is the last thing I had considered, and it was a bit of a reality check.

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