• 35m
  • 2.80 miles
  • 12m 30s /Mi

Legs very tight and not happy at all. Did a lot of walking in the last half mile. Broke out the foam roller when I got home and worked on calves and quads.

  • 15m

Myrtle Routine

Still feeling tired from the race and long drive. I always forget what a toll, physically and mentally, a race takes on me. While it would have been great to take advantage of the beautiful cool morning weather, sleep won out today.

Next week starts marathon training. I purchased a custom training plan from Jason Fitzgerald of that, while run focused, also incorporates a maintenance level of swim and bike in, as well as strength workouts. Trying to cobble a plan together hasn't worked so well for me in the past --- there's just too much information out there and I tend to jump from one program to another.

Slept in a bit today, then went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. Got my tomato plants staked. I swear they grew a foot over the weekend. We are starting to get cherry tomatoes and bell peppers!!!! Went into the office around 10 and am slowly getting caught up. Body feels tired from the combination of racing a very difficult course on Sunday and then driving 13 hours on Monday.

My mom really enjoyed the trip out to Maryland, she and her sister were able to spend several days together and had fun catching up. I hope I can continue to get her out there once a year. Guess I'll have to keep picking Maryland races.
Got home tonight after driving 14 hours straight. Race was awesome. Will catch up on inspires in the morning!
  • 1h 10m
  • 7.00 miles
  • 6.00 Mi/hr

Prerode the mtb course with Steve. Seems like the trail is either super super easy or very difficult. Parts of it are definitely out of my comfort zone.

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