• 52m
  • 6.53 miles
  • 7.53 Mi/hr

Rode singletrack on gravel bikes with some of the cx group. Ran a light on my helmet and one on my handlebars. We rode 3 laps counter clockwise, one lap clockwise. There were a couple of minor spills where people slipped on roots or missed corners in the dark.

Slept poorly Sunday night and it caught up with me on Monday, went to bed around 8 last night and slept like a rock.

I need to do some grocery shopping, which will probably get done on my lunch hour today. Kind of hoping I can squeeze a short run in but that's debatable. Will most likely ride the church trails again tonight with Brenda.

  • 2h 45m
  • 31.50 miles
  • 11.45 Mi/hr

Gravel ride with big group today

  • 43m 07s
  • 3.20 miles
  • 13m 28s /Mi

Did the 5K at the Abes Trail Trek in Petersburg with Laura (StartingtoTri). I'm not much of a runner anymore and even less of a trail runner, but this was an amazing time. I had kind of forgotten how much fun a running race can be.
Bunch of friends were all there, it was one of those really, really good times, and I met some new people as well. Also saw a lot of people from the running club that I hadn't seen in a long time.
Post race was in a log cabin that had a fire going. There was soup, chili and hotdogs for afterwards.

  • 1h 02m
  • 6.27 miles
  • 6.07 Mi/hr

Met Brenda at the Church Trails and we rode some laps of the singletrack. I just bought a new light for my helmet. It's 500 lumens, so combined with the 800 lumen light on my handlebars, I had some pretty good visibility in the dark forest. But even so, we took it very slowly and cautiously, as there are a lot of leaves down and sometimes the trail is hard to see.

There were tiny snowflakes drifting through the air. Almost magical.

Brrr, feels like winter! Even our house feels cold and dry. We really need a whole house humidifier. The basement is my preferred place right now.
Vet is coming out early to give BeeBee another shot of something. She has tentatively decided that BeeBee's problems are not necessarily originating in her bladder, but are probably neurological and are eminating from nerve pain, possibly from an old spinal injury. It all kind of makes sense, looking back at some of her symptoms.
Brenda and I might ride the cx course outside tonight. My lights are charging up. I must say that I'm not particularly excited about the prospect of being outside in 30 degree temps but the alternative is the trainer, and it's easy to blow that off.
Steve and I signed up for the 2018 Tour of Hermann. This year we are going to shoot for 100 miles on Saturday and 50 on Sunday. Last year we did 50/50. Need to start riding hills.

  • 20m

Misc. core moves

Had a trainer ride on tap for today, got home a little late and lost my motivation.

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