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Zwift FTP Builder, Week 1 Day 3

So glad it's Friday after another very busy work week.

Had my first PT session, it went pretty well. The therapist gave me some exercises to do at home and return in a week; if she feels like the shoulder is responding well, she will have me start with some weights. She seemed a little surprised when my shoulder popped loudly when she was manipulating it -- no pain, just loud. She didn't believe that was eminating from the rotator cuff and thinks there might be something going on that didn't show up in the x-rays. If it starts to hurt, I'm supposed to let the doc know.

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Zwift FTP Builder, Week 1 Day 2

BeeBee (my old cat who has licked many serious health issues) had a routine vet appointment today. The vet was checking her heart beat as she has done countless times, and was taking longer than usual, and had a concerned look. She handed me the stethescope and told me to have a listen (I love that this new vet wants her clients to fully understand their pets). I remarked that BeeBee's heart sounded like a galloping horse. Vet says exactly, it should not sound like that. And her pulse was waaayyy too low --- 60 when it should have been 180. Two weeks ago, everything checked out normal, so this is a fairly recent development.

So after an ultrasound and blood test, BeeBee was diagnosed with cardio myopathy. I had noticed that she seemed more lethargic than usual, but she's an old lady who likes her catnaps, so thought nothing of it. But her appetite has been down a bit too. It all kind of makes sense now.

Vet put her on a diuretic pill which, fortunately, is tasteless and can be mixed with food. I think there's another med on order which we should have in a few days. I don't know how much time she has left with us and it makes me sad to think of a day without seeing her sunny little face.

Had a pretty good workout tonight. My coach suggested doing the Zwift series of 6 week Beginner FTP builder. I like that the workouts are shorter, like 50 minutes or so, and each one builds upon the preceding.
Shoulder has been achy but is healing. I have a PT session tomorrow that should get me headed in the right direction. At least the weather is crap now, so being confined indoors isn't much of a choice.

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First run of 2018!

On Saturday the lottery drawing for Dirty Kanza is held. Have been trying not to be too excited, in the event we don't get in.

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Zwift 6 week FTP Builder, Week 1 workout 1

Shoulder feels a lot better this morning. I've got a PT session scheduled for Friday.
In the interim, I'm trying to be mindful about not stressing the shoulder too much and possibly making things worse. Might wear the sling today just to remind me to be careful.

Lunch today with my mom, sister and SIL at Bella Milano. I'm looking forward to that.

I joined the "Cup O Dirt" Challenge, an online initiative where you sign up and pay $25. You have to ride either 6 100 milers or 12 62 milers, 80% of which must be gravel. You send in either a Garmin track or a link to your Strava or RidewithGPS, along with a short description of the ride, to get credit. Some people write a little poem about their ride.

Went to ortho walk-in clinic. Liked the ortho doctor. She took some different x-rays and diagnosed Grade 1 AC sprain, which I like much better than the thought of a tear. Should be 4 to 6 weeks of going easy on my shoulder and no mountain biking, but trainer riding is fine, as is running.
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Temps crept into the upper 20s so we did what all the other mtb people in our area are doing -- rode the frozen creek from Lake Springfield northward. It's an opportunity to pass through forests that are private property and therefore inaccessible the rest of the year. The ice is about a foot thick right now, with a dusting of crunchy snow that gives good traction.
I still managed to find a patch of black ice and went down HARD, landing on my right shoulder. It hurt terribly, I lay on the ice for a few minutes and then sat up and rubbed my arm and shoulder. Not too bad, except that I couldn't lift my arm above my shoulder.
Lots of down timber and deadfall on this route that you had to lift your bike over. Steve had to lift my bike thanks to my useless arm.
When we got home, my fingers were tingling. It was starting to sleet but we have an emergency clinic a few blocks from home, so I went there and got right in. I think the xray tech was glad to have some work --- seems like most of their patients have been people with the flu.
No break in the shoulder, but the doctor suspects there may be a rotator cuff tear. She sent me home in a sling and told me to get in to see an ortho asap on Monday.

We went over to Hannibal yesterday afternoon to visit Steve's grandkids. Had fun, played a lot. Right after dinner the 6 year old announced that she wasn't feeling well and almost immediately started vomiting. Hoping it was just something she ate and not a virus.

The cold snap is supposed to ease up this afternoon and temps should get into the 30s. along with that comes possible freezing rain, sleet, etc. Ugh...

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Zwift World Social Ride. 200+ people in this one. I found a small group to ride with and we worked together. And we lapped the guy riding sweep!!!! Victory!

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