• Yoga
  • 30m

The strength plan that I bought from Fascats Coaching has one crazy workout that you do once a week and it involves a balance board (like this I bought one of the boards and the last couple of days have just been practicing getting on the board and trying to balance. It's incredibly difficult and I still have to hold onto something.
  • 1h 00m
  • 8.00 miles
  • 8.00 Mi/hr

Mountain biking on Church trails

  • 3h 44m
  • 55.30 miles
  • 14.81 Mi/hr

Back roads and some gravel with Steve, Brenda and Larry. Wind was strong out of the ESE. Pulled quite a bit since I hadn't ridden much this week compared to everyone else and I had the legs today

Headed out for a longish (50 mile) ride this morning with Steve, Brenda and Larry. I really wanted to get over to Pike County for a tough hilly gravel ride but we don't really have enough time for that. Maybe tomorrow.

My quads are smarting from Thursday's workout. Supposed to do that 3x a week. Maybe by Sunday things will be calming down. It's that same feeling after a long run when you go down the steps or sit on the toilet.

Another crazy work week is drawing to a close. One of the proposals I put together actually won a big job yesterday and we were notified late in the afternoon. The engineer I worked with on this is a super guy who used to be the office clown. He was always the one who drank too much at company functions and got out for some crazy dance moves, sometimes on table tops. He's grown up quite a bit but still fights the stereotype and doesn't really get taken seriously. And myself, being the oldest in our department and close to retirement, don't always get the best assignments anymore. We were calling ourselves the Underdogs on this one. So when we got the notification about winning the job, we were both super excited.

My DD is turning 30 tomorrow. Jeez, how did that happen? She and possibly her BF (if he is not working) are coming over for dinner. She doesn't want a big deal, just wants to get carryout from a new Thai restaurant here. Maybe go get ice cream for dessert.

I'm on the search for the perfect longer gym short. I love the Nike tempo shorts but honestly, they are a little shorter than I like for just going to the gym. Found a Danskin brand bermuda and a Baleaf brand on Amazon that I'll try out.

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