• 1h 30m
  • 10.25 miles
  • 6.83 Mi/hr

Rode laps on the mtb trails with Steve, Joe and Brenda

Our office potluck was a success --- there were 7 chilis and 2 soups along with some tasty sides and desserts. I kept it to a few small spoonfuls of each and actually felt ok the rest of the afternoon.

Supposed to do a big strength-type workout on the bike tonight. It will have to be on the trainer since it's dark so early now. We might go to the Creek for one last post-group ride dinner (if it's not raining). Now that Cuban Gravel is behind me, it feels like the season is over. Some of our friends who do the snowbird thing will be around for another week or so and then will be heading south for the winter. This year went by so fast!

Office potluck today -- the theme is soup and chili. We have so many participants this time that we had to reserve a conference room, rather than use the counter in our area. I may sneak out and get a workout in
  • 20m

4 x 8 squats
4 x 20 sec balance board
4 x 8 leg press using band
4 x 20 sec hula hoop
4 x 8 leg curl using fitness ball

Had a dentist appointment today. Walked in and started to check in but the receptionist was with a patient, so I sat down to wait my turn. The patient had some issue with billing and was being such a nasty jerk to the receptionist about it. Ugh, some people...

  • 1h 20m
  • 12.00 miles
  • -----

MTB with Brenda. Legs were pretty tired

Felt great all day but took a really long nap in the afternoon and was pretty groggy for a while. Made some soup for a potluck this week -- made pasta fagioli and knockoff Panera turkey chickpea chili. The house smelled so warm and inviting with the soup simmering.

  • 5h 00m
  • 53.56 miles
  • 10.71 Mi/hr

Whew, that was a tough ride. 5100 feet of climbing (much more than advertised).

The new course at CGC was beautiful -- packed dirt/gravel roads that went through the towns of Steelville and Leasburg and into the Mark Twain National Forest. But the climbing, oh was one big hill after another. Walked 2 of the hills. The grade on one was 19%.

I felt like I nailed my bike attire. It was 33 degrees at the start and barely touched 57 at the finish. Went with wool cycling cap, a buff as a neck gaiter, merino wool base layer, jersey and light cycling vest. Gloves were a pair of regular fingerless topped with light wool gloves. Wore my Peal Izumi mid-weight tights and pulled a pair of baggy mountain bike shorts over the top partially for a light layer and partially to have the pockets for storage. Footwear was a thigh-high part of Smartwools with another short pair of wool socks, my gravel shoes and then shoe covers.

I had a camelback that I figured I could store any discarded layers in, but I never felt warm enough that I needed to shed clothing. With most of the ride being in the shaded forest, it was pretty cold all day.

Rode with friends Joe and David and even though it was tough, felt really optimistic and good all day. Never dipped into that dark place that dogs me on some of these rides.

Steve finished half an hour before me. I figured he would be at least an hour ahead, but he was riding with Jack and Barb, and Barb was struggling and had to stop a few times. Not sure what was going on, she seemed very stressed and disorganized before the race and that seemed to set the tone for her day.

Afterwards there were food trucks with Aunt Annie's Pretzels (had a big garlic/parmesan pretzal!) and a BBQ truck (had a pork loin slider and a chicken leg).

This race has been growing slowly but steadily, this was our 4th year.

I came in 13th out of 27 women, so very happy with being in the top half.

We're headed out for Cuba, Missouri this afternoon for the Cuban Gravel Festival. I had somewhat lobbied to skip it this year since this will be our 4th year and I'm usually good for 3 years at an event and no more, but the course is new and completely different. It dips southward to Steelville and goes around the Meramec River, so the scenery should be spectacular.
  • Yoga
  • 30m

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