Another crazy work week is drawing to a close. One of the proposals I put together actually won a big job yesterday and we were notified late in the afternoon. The engineer I worked with on this is a super guy who used to be the office clown. He was always the one who drank too much at company functions and got out for some crazy dance moves, sometimes on table tops. He's grown up quite a bit but still fights the stereotype and doesn't really get taken seriously. And myself, being the oldest in our department and close to retirement, don't always get the best assignments anymore. We were calling ourselves the Underdogs on this one. So when we got the notification about winning the job, we were both super excited.

My DD is turning 30 tomorrow. Jeez, how did that happen? She and possibly her BF (if he is not working) are coming over for dinner. She doesn't want a big deal, just wants to get carryout from a new Thai restaurant here. Maybe go get ice cream for dessert.

I'm on the search for the perfect longer gym short. I love the Nike tempo shorts but honestly, they are a little shorter than I like for just going to the gym. Found a Danskin brand bermuda and a Baleaf brand on Amazon that I'll try out.
  • 30m

4 x 8 squats on Smith machine, bar only
4 x 8 leg press, 25#
4 x 8 leg curl, 30#
25 crunches
15 back extensions

Felt a little off yesterday, probably because I had a couple of Poptarts. Then we went to dinner with the cycling crowd and I had some tater tots. This morning I've got a bit of a food hangover. this what happens when you get older?

I ponied up for a 10 week strength training plan from Fascats Coaching. It actually doesn't start until the 14th, after the Cuban Gravel Crisis which, at least in my mind, is the end of the gravel racing season (although I might do one more race in November if weather permits). It relies on leg press and leg curl machines, so I need to get over to LA Fitness and reacquaint myself. I'm not a big fan of machines but I'll give it a try

  • 43m
  • 13.00 miles
  • 18.14 Mi/hr

Home too late to ride outdoors (it's getting dark so early now). Zwifted and listened to some podcasts

  • Yoga
  • 25m
Yeah for October, a shiny new month. It's supposed to cool off starting on Thursday. I've got a couple of new sweaters that I'm wanting to wear, so this is good news.

  • 30m
  • 9.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr


  • 20m

some core stuff

  • Stairmaster
  • 20m

Lunch hour. it's good to be reminded now and then how much better the work day is with a gym session sandwiched between the morning and afternoon insanity

Had a good day on Saturday with Steve's family -- we celebrate October and September birthdays -- it was a much smaller group this year since we've lost Steve's brother (and His two kids since they have moved out of state) and his dad, who was always a cheerful presence at family gatherings, but still had lively fun. Steve's sister is an amazing gardener and I love wandering around in her yard to see what her latest project is. She's been working on attracting bees and butterflies and has some amazing flowers.

Going to try to do some gravel riding today. It t-stormed last night so there's a good chance the roads will be unridable, but everyone is itching to get out and we're all feeling untrained for the Cuban Gravel Crisis in two weeks. Worst case we find alernate routes if the gravel is too sloppy and just ride the back roads.

My friend Patty completed her 14th ironman (Maryland) last night. 14 hours and some change. She is 62 and a total badass, but says this might be it for a while.
  • 2h 00m
  • 30.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

Bike club ride

I hadn't planned to take a week off riding but it just worked out that way, between work and having to run errands in the evening.

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