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Misc. strength

Our "early Thanksgiving" for Steve's family was very nice -- instead of spending all day in the kitchen we ordered food from County Market and just picked it up a couple of hours before everyone arrived. I think the turkey was the best I've ever had. the dressing looked a little dry but I doctored it with some chicken broth and it was pretty good.

Steve's daughter and her family spent the night and then are catching a plane down to Tampa this afternoon. Their kids didn't want to go to bed and kept getting up, so I expect they'll sleep in. It's currently peaceful and quiet in the house and I'm the only one up. Love this time of day.
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Zwift D.I.R.T. long ride

Meeting some tri girlfriends for breakfast today, and then we're having an early Thanksgiving for Steve's side of the family, so should be a busy Sunday. I'll get some strength work in and a shortish Zwift ride.

Should be a relatively quiet Saturday -- it's too cold to ride outside IMHO, so it will have to be Zwift and maybe some yoga. We're going to go to a local countertop company to have a look at some quartz countertop options. Our house is in serious need of some updating so this is a first step.

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Kinetic group ride on Zwift

Went to lunch with Steve and his buddy, Larry. Tried an Asian dish that featured tempeh. I've had plenty of tofu but this was my first try at tempeh. I was kind of meh about it, didn't care much for the texture.

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Got out and walked/jogged around the neighborhood. Here and there are houses with Christmas lights up.

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