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The bike club board meeting was loooonng, lasted 2 1/2 hours. There were a ton of agenda items, some of them weren't items that would be brought up at each meeting, so hopefully this was just an anomaly.

We went to Steve's aunt's holiday gathering yesterday. Food was carryout pasta from Olive Garden --- tasty but sooooo filling. We almost never have pasta anymore and I'm definitely feeling it today. Also I have a doctor appointment this morning and I'm sure my weight has ballooned. ugh...salad for lunch.

Tonight is my first board meeting with the bike club. I'm not sure what to expect but am sort of looking forward to it.
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Zwift "The Herd" Group Ride

Getting close to being finished with Christmas shopping. This afternoon is a little get together at Steve's aunt's house. It will be a very small group which is just fine with me.

Hoping to get out for a ride this morning if the promised warmish weather holds out.

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Sunny and fairly warm afternoon. Rode to Waverly with a small group and got a slice of pizza.

Our profit sharing meeting was good, the company had a very good year and distributions reflected that. Most notably was that Steve's retirement was announced, so of course people were asking me what my plans are. All good stuff.

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Have to run home today at noon and meet the vet for Beebee's monthly arthritis shot. If time permits I'll pick up something small for the vet for Christmas. Tis the season. We are also having our counters measured today for the new counters, which will be installed the week of the 16th. AND it's profit sharing day at work, so all kinds of good stuff today!

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Got some online Christmas shopping done today and went to Hy-Vee and got some gift certificates for my DD and her BF (they shop there). It was a really nice, sunny day and if I wasn't low on PTO, it would have been tempting to take the afternoon off and go for a ride. Which is exactly what Steve did. He is in coast mode.


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