Headed out of town this morning, back Sunday afternoon. Hoping to get to do some riding in warm sunny weather.
Today is our department's holiday lunch, which I'll have to miss due to plans that I'm not willing to change. Kind of relieved, our director will be in attendance which means that the mood will be stuffy and tense and no one will be able to relax and really enjoy themselves.

Steve and I are flying down to Tampa tomorrow morning to visit his son and DIL. We're going to drive to Sanibel Island first to see some friends and do a little biking. Looking forward to a weekend in warm weather. Last year on the same trip we had record cold!
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Misc. strength using the roller board

The bike club board meeting was loooonng, lasted 2 1/2 hours. There were a ton of agenda items, some of them weren't items that would be brought up at each meeting, so hopefully this was just an anomaly.

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