• 1h 05m
  • 20.00 miles
  • 18.46 Mi/hr


I'm working today and half a day on Christmas Eve and will likely be the only person in our department tomorrow. Trying to save what PTO I do have for race-ctions this year

  • 3h 04m
  • 36.70 miles
  • 11.97 Mi/hr

Gravel bikes on country roads with Barb, Brenda and Joe. We rode through Salisbury and then to Athens with a stop at the Caseys, then back up the bike path. Beautiful December day with sunny skies.

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  • 16.00 miles
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We had Eleanor, age 6, Friday night and most of Saturday. She was so good, slept all night and didn't get up once (this has been an issue with her wandering around the house). Usually we would have all three grandkids and they sleep in the same room, so this was a good thing.

In the evening we went to an Open House at Barb's new duplex --- she's just renting and isn't sure if she'll stay in the area. Very pretty place and a nice mix of cycling, running and art association people.

Work was very low key today, with some light moments. Our boss was made shareholder, which is a big deal in this company, so I am very happy for her. Workload is light now with it being the end of the year. Met Brenda for lunch and talked about race plans for 2020, which is so fun. Went back to the office and signed up for Tour of Hermann (ugh) and booked a hotel for that weekend.
The new countertops look amazing and it was great to be able to put things back in the bathroom and get back to my routine there. Small glitch in the kitchen -- the new sink is deeper than the original and the handyman guy, Mark, that we hired to come and put the sink back says it needs a certified plummer to reconnect. He could do it but he's not certified and therefore won't guarantee his work. He's done so many good jobs for us that it's really just a blip on the radar, but we wont' have the kitchen sink, dishwasher, etc. back until sometime SAturday when a plumber comes out to finish the job.

I've got a bunch of Christmas wrapping to do and finish up this weekend. The office felt strangely quiet this afternoon, like people were leaving early. I suspect it will be a ghost town today.
Bike #1
  • 40m
  • 12.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr


Bike #2
  • 20m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

Short little Zwift ride

Got up early and did most of my workout on Zwift --- I love starting the day that way and getting the workout behind me. I might do a mini session on the trainer tonight just to add a few miles. Strava has me at 4,783 miles for 2019.

Our new countertops will be installed this morning, and then tomorrow the sinks/plumbing will be hooked up. It will be good to get the kitchen and bath back together --- we had to pull all the drawers out and clear counters off, so in addition to the Christmas clutter, we have added stuff everywhere. it's a bit claustrophobic.

Found a Colorado event this morning in Steamboat that Steve and I might consider -- it's in July, one month before Steamboat Gravel.

  • 20m
  • 5.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

spin before strength

  • 20m

Squat Jumps, split squats, crunches, back extensions, leg curls

We have a guy coming today to tear out the existing kitchen and master bath countertops, and tomorrow the new granite countertops will be installed. We had to empty out most of the drawers, so last night was an opportunity to do some decluttering.

Steve has got the crud --- thankfully he just had a scratchy throat while we were out of town but now it's full force. He might just stay in bed today. Fingers crossed I don't get it.

Hoping to get some Zwifting done tonight. Per Strava, I'm at 4,760 miles of cycling for 2019 (BT probably lower since I've missed logging a few workouts). I'm thinking if I'm dedicated, I could break 5,000 miles for 2019.

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