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Zwift workout

Steve's grandkids spent the night and will be with us until around noon, when their other grandparents pick them up. Their dad is a minister and is officiating at a wedding in Kansas City, which means an overnight stay. Steve and the oldest spent the afternoon assembling a piece of crap Hot Wheels track that was given to them as a gift --- the instructions were awful and in the end, it didn't go together quite like the illustration on the cover of the box but it somewhat works. By the end of the evening the two youngest had pretty much destroyed it anyway, so I suspect it's bound for the garbage soon.

Steve's right knee (he had left replaced two years ago) needs to be replaced and he's in constant pain. He was waffling on whether to do it early this year or at the end of the season. I pointed out that any events he might miss will be there next year. The constant pain is affecting his sleep now. So he's going to get it taken care of sooner rather than later, probably in February. Going to a different surgeon this time as his experience was less than stellar with the first replacement.

Work was quiet yesterday and I expect that trend will carry over to today -- lots of people just took the whole week off. Our Christmas was very nice and rather low key, which is how I like it.

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Merry Christmas to my BT friends
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Rode with Steve south to Auburn and looped back through the country. Got into a bit of a traffic jam on route 4 where there was a nasty looking accident. Traffic was backed up for several miles. We crossed the road and went up the shoulder, riding the wrong way, to the next road to get away from the scene. Learned later that a young girl had rear-ended another vehicle and pushed it into the other lane. Many injuries but nothing serious, so I was glad to read that.

Working this morning and then coming home to ride outside before going to Steve's sister's for Christmas Eve dinner. It's supposed to be 56 degrees outside!

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I'm working today and half a day on Christmas Eve and will likely be the only person in our department tomorrow. Trying to save what PTO I do have for race-ctions this year

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Gravel bikes on country roads with Barb, Brenda and Joe. We rode through Salisbury and then to Athens with a stop at the Caseys, then back up the bike path. Beautiful December day with sunny skies.

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