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It's Steve's 61st birthday today, we'll likely go out to dinner at the new brewery tonight. He's hard to buy for, but I did buy him a pair of "good" Olakai sandals. He has been looking at buying a condo to serve as a rental and the closing is next week in Madeira Beach. these sandals will be better hot weather attire than the cheap flip flops he's been wearing.

My mom's been dealing with a painful knee and from what I am seeing, she's probably going to need a replacement eventually. At 85, she is in amazingly good health so hard to say if doctors will want to do that. But she's lost the ability to drive because of the pain. Cortisone shot last week gave her some relief but not enough, really.

Kind of snowy and windy here but weekend weather forecast is looking decent!

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Busy day today --- have a visitation in the morning (friend's Mom who had been ill for a very long time), lunch at Mom's. Then have to stop by a local restaurant/brewery where we will be having STeve's retirement party and put down a deposit for the room. Then grocery store.

The tile guy came on Monday and finished up the backsplash in the kitchen. We went with a tri-color traventine (sp?) tile in shades of coffee/brown, etc. I worried a bit that it might be too dark for the room but it looks amazing.

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This is my cumulative mileage for the month of January, I'm not motivated to post up the individual activities

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My digital detox is coming to an end today. I think I had the same observation this time last year, but BT fills a niche as a place to post things that don't necessarily belong anywhere else. I think that's what unique about this place.

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