A shiny new decade stretches out before us! I've been on a kick to simplify and declutter life, and part of that includes a digital detox. I'll be taking a break from BT (and several other forms of social media) for the month of January to see how things go. Happy New Years BT!

Dinner was a good time, I had a very tasty burger. My stomach is a little iffy this morning, hoping I'm not coming down with one of the many bugs making the rounds right now.

We have dinner tonight with some cycling friends at a restaurant in downtown Springfield. I expect we will be home by 9 and I doubt either of us makes it to midnight

Warm and windy outside --- it rained most of the night. Kind of yucky weather but at least we're not getting snow and ice.

We have a dinner thing with some of Steve's high school friends tonight. I'm a bit meh about it --- they're a nice bunch of people but we don't see them often enough to have much of a connection and the conversation seems to center around gossiping about other people from that class. I feel like they should get lives and not spend all their time talking about stuff that happened 40 years ago but whatever...

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