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Feeling a little stiff and sore this morning, especially my hip flexors. It was really windy (20 mph out of the south) and the ride on Saturday, so maybe that, coupled with spending 4 hours riding in the car, are the culprit
Today I'm pulling up all my annual flowers and then working on an exhibit for a project at work.
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Illinois Kanza -- 4th time here but this year I chose to ride the shorter distance (non competitive). Rode with Lisa and a handful of friends. When the course split, the 46 mile group headed east and Lisa and I headed back to town and were pretty much alone.
No water in the creek this year, it was nice not to have wet feet.
There was soup and chili in the church basement afterwards. Really nice day.

It's Friday! It's my birthday! I'm 59! How the heck did that happen???
Going out for breakfast this morning with Steve. We had talked about walking to the Chatham Cafe since it's only about a mile from the house and we're on a walking kick. But it's 32 degrees out, so we'll be driving there instead.

Tomorrow we're headed to Kansas, Illinois, for the Ill Kanza Gravel Race. Steve is doing the competitive 46 mile distance, as are some of our friends. I decided to go for the non-competitive 33 mile distance and ride with Lisa and just enjoy the day. Being a slower rider, hopefully Steve and I will finish about the same time. Weather looks typical --- cold with high winds (15-20 mph out of the south). Fortunately there's not a lot of riding into the wind on the course, but the southern sections are wide open. Ugh...
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Zwift Academy - Workout No. 2

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Zwift Academy - Workout 1

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Shaun T Focus 25 - Alpha Phase - Ab Intervals

Driver's license went just fine --- worst part was going to the county building to get certified copies of birth and marriage certificates. That place is kind of depressing. Ended up driving out to Taylorville, about 25 miles away, instead of going to the Springfield D/L facility. Wait times in Springfield are 2-3 hours these days. Walked right up to the counter in Taylorville and was in and out in 15 minutes.

My drivers license expires on Friday and today is really the best day this week to go get it renewed. I've pulled together all the documents needed to get the RealID license (Illinois is one of the last states to makes this a requirement for flying) but keep hearing horror stories about people trying to get this. We shall see. Worst case if I don't have all the documents needed, I can just get a regular license and use my passport to fly.

Steve's 4 y.o. grandson spent the night with us. He's a LOT more energetic than either of his sisters and much louder, but I will say that he went to bed pretty well and didn't get up during the night.

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