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21 Day Fix Extreme - Upper Body

  • Aerobics
  • 30m

Jenny Ford step video

Ended up working in the office most of the day, then hit the grocery store on the way home. Thanksgiving grocery shopping crowds were out in force and some of the items I was trying to buy were depleted.

We had the first wintery weather late in the afternoon -- some slushy rain that threatened to freeze.

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Sport #1
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Step video

Sport #2
  • Plyometrics
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21 Day Fix Extreme - Plyo

Kind of a low key day. It was cold and damp and nothing I wanted to get out in. Sorted through some clothes and partially filled up a box for Good Will and then did some decluttering in my basement office. It looks much better.

Worked in the office in the morning, had the place to myself. It looks like the remote work will be extended until at least the end of June 2021. I'm glad to be stepping out of the workforce soon.

There's an initiative in our area to support local restaurants by ordering carry out. If you order from five of the restaurants on the list, your name is entered in a drawing for a cash prize. We decided to try a Mexican place that has good reviews. Steve went and picked up and since it was all boxed up, didn't check to make sure it was correct. Had someone else's dinner. Ugh...called them and they immediately knew who we were and had someone deliver our dinner. That's pretty good service, and the food was not bad either.
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Pike County Ride

Took the day off and went with Steve to Pike County. We rode a route that we did back on Labor Day weekend, riding it in reverse and changing up a few sections to explore new roads. Had a great time - some of roads were better suited to mountain bikes with huge ruts and washouts. I'm guessing those were farm roads that were maintained by farmers. We went through a tiny community called Martinsburg and saw some Amish women in a buggy, headed somewhere at a pretty fast clip. And stopped at the Fast Stop in Pleasant Hill because there was a lady cooking burgers on a big grill in the parking lot. Cheeseburgers for lunch really hit the spot.

Got back to the car just as it was starting to rain. If we'd had a flat tire or some other delays, it would have been miserable.

In the evening, my ankle swelled up but this time there was no pain. Just strange...I iced it and that brought the swelling down almost immediately.

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Litchfield MTB trails

  • Aerobics
  • 30m

Another free step aerobic video --- this was a Jenny Ford video. Great workout but production quality of the video itself was kind of lacking, so I had trouble hearing the cues. You get what you pay for, I suppose....

Took the afternoon off and drove down to Lake Lou Yaeger to meet some mtb friends who showed us around the newish trail system. The mtb club down that way has done an absolutely amazing job with the forested land around the lake. Mostly intermediate level with just enough tricky stuff to keep you on your toes.

We ate outdoors at the Creek --- probably the last time this year it will be warm enough in this area for this. And we were kind of pushing it, as there was a bit of a breeze. The restaurant seemed to be doing a good curbside business so I was glad to see that.

Later in the evening I had a strange pain in the right ankle --- no swelling that I could find, but it was excruciating to the touch. It came on very suddenly and lasted for several hours. I tried heat and some Icy Hot, but ultimately the only thing that worked was to hobble around the house for about half an hour, working the joint. I'm guessing it was some kind of nerve impingement but I'm not a medical person.

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  • 8.47 Mi/hr

Lake trails with Steve. Trails in perfect shape. Rode well and got a QOM on one section.

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Shaun T Focus 25 Beta - Ab Intervals

Feeling much better today. Work was pretty crazy but I got done what needed to get done. our family has been going back and forth about Thanksgiving --- my brother said they are 99% sure they won't host this year but needs my SIL to confirm this. I'm fine with doing our own thing, just need to know.

Steve's sister cancelled her Thanksgiving last week (we always hit that in the evening). She and her husband are both smokers and her husband is not in good health. Her daughter came home and announced that she has lost her sense of smell and taste. Ugh...

Felt a little off all day. No temperature, just had kind of an upset stomach. By evening it was pretty much completely better. I laid low most of the day and worked from home. Some deadlines are piling up, with projects coming to a close and managers needing last tweaks to presentations, exhibits, etc. Of course this all hits at once...ugh, I will most definitely not miss this.

I called the vet for referrals to a pet sitter for January. Usually my daughter comes out and takes care of the cats/house, etc. but we'll be gone for a month and hate to task her with that much driving back and forth in winter. Was given the name of a popular pet sitter in the area, and after messaging her, learned that she would be available in January. I'm hoping to get a chance to meet her in the next week or so to see if she's a good fit with the cats. She is a vet tech which gives me great comfort, and her rates are very reasonable.

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