• 2h 09m
  • 26.40 miles
  • 12.28 Mi/hr

Mike's Brisket Ride

Had a great gravel ride with friends today --- we started at Mike's house near Milton. It's a little over an hour's drive but it's a bit like stepping back in time. He rehabbed a farmhouse that had been in his family for 3 generations. His son lives there now, taking college classes online.

We've been on this route before but Mike pointed out a couple of interesting things this time --- the best was a spring bubbling out of the side of a bluff. In one spot someone had tapped the spring with a pipe and water collected in a mossy, wooden trough under this. Mike actually refilled his water bottle from this spring, as he apparently does frequently. I would be afraid to do this but whatever. The spring also reappeared slightly further up the road at the mouth of a small cave/grotto in the side of the bluff. There was a clearing in the woods with a picnic table, as if someone had set up a park.

Learned that some of the poor people who lives in the nearby town of Pearl use this spring as their source of drinking water. Like I's only an hour away but it's a little like stepping back in time.

  • 1h 30m
  • 11.40 miles
  • 7.60 Mi/hr

mtb on the lake trails. Could tell I was a little tired, felt clumsy

I worked in the morning, after riding, and then kind of hung around until my sister's grocery order was ready for pickup. She lives in Chandlerville, which is about 45 miles as the crow flies from our house. Because there's no good interstate or similar road to get there, it takes about an hour to drive there. Her order wasn't ready until 3, so by the time I got to Mary's place it was dusk, and completely dark when I made it home.

Bike #1
  • 1h 05m
  • 8.50 miles
  • 7.85 Mi/hr

Rode over to the lake trails via the paved path, then rode the Polecat Loop and the Cemetery Loop.

Bike #2
  • 2h 00m
  • 28.00 miles
  • 14.00 Mi/hr

rode the "morning Haugh" loop on the gravel bike.

  • Core Training
  • 25m

Shaun T - Focus 25 - Beta - Dynamic Core

My Garmin Edge 1030 crapped out a couple of weeks ago (screen lifted and then it just stopped working and contributed to getting lost at the last gravel race). Garmin was really good about exchanging the device with no questions asked and at no cost. It's kind of a pain to get it all set up, so I had procrastinated on replacing it when the screen first lifted.

When the replacement unit came in, I spent some time getting it charged up, then synced to my Garmin Connect account. There were a couple of massive software updates that took what seemed like an eternity. Then synced it to my phone, set up my data fields, installed Garmin IQRidewithGPS. The last step was to sync it with the power meter on the gravel bike.

And it all went without a hitch! Looking back, there must have been something wrong with the first 1030 from the start. It had trouble syncing with my phone, kept losing the power meter, etc. Anyway, call me happy about that.

Got my awful project out the door with an hour to spare. I call that a win.

Every Wednesday I have a standing lunch at my mom's. My sister joins us. Sister texted today to say she was exposed to a patient who had tested positive for Covid, so she was headed over for a test and then going home since she would have to self quarantine for 14 days. Her test came back negative although she will have to re-test before she will be allowed to return to work. I'm picking up a grocery order and running it out to her on Friday.

All sorts of craziness today --- the TV in the living room suddenly stopped working this afternoon. Drove myself crazy trying to make sure everything was plugged in. Finally traced it to a Google Home plug that had gone bad. Then power went out while I was in the basement, so it was total cant see hand in front of face darkness. It was out for about an hour in a very widespread area. Other stuff happened as well, it just seemed like day where things break or don't work as they should.
  • 42m
  • 4.00 miles
  • 5.71 Mi/hr

Laps at the church trails

  • Pilates
  • 20m

21 Day Fix Extreme - Pilates
It's a Pilates class that incorporates those rubber tube things with the handles to increase resistance. Was kind of meh about this, the band was awkward. Pilates is hard enough with trying to make it more difficult. Stopped after 20 minutes.

Worked in the office until 3. With the time change it was already getting shadowy out. Matt from the lbs had texted and said he needed to order a couple of parts to switch the new wheels from the Fuse to the Chisel, so if I wanted to just take the bike and ride it with the stock wheels, that was fine. He also gave me a price quote which worked out really nicely. The Chisel had a tiny scratch in the paint which he pointed out --- guess he bumped it into something when it was unboxed. It was such a small blemish that I probably would not have noticed it, but it was enough for a little bit of discount.

Went over to the church trails and rode some laps. It's such a nice day that there were at least 9 cars in the parking lot and lots of people walking on the trails. It was almost crowded and I kept having to navigate around families with small children. It was great to get out. The new bike is very light and nimble and just sails over logs/obstacles.

  • 20m
  • 2.00 miles
  • 6.00 Mi/hr

Test rode a Specialized Chisel on the lake trails.

  • Aerobics
  • 20m

Shaun T20
Took a cue from Judi and tried out the step program. Liked it. Had a vintage feel to it!

Steve left for Florida to spend a week working at the condo. It really needs an overhaul but right now he just wants to fix little things and when we have more time, we'll tackle the major stuff. He found that some of the blinds were broken and was miffed that the rental manager didn't report that to us. That's part of why he's planning to interview different managers this week. The current firm just isn't doing a very good job for a variety of reasons.

I worked in the office for about half the day and then from home. Stopped by the bike shop and paid for the new wheelset on my mountain bike. It's a Specialized Fuse, a trail bike, and built like a tank. I've come to the conclusion that it's a great bike but too heavy for me. It comes in close to 30 pounds and is just too stretched out. Jeremy at the shop suggested that I take a look at the Chisel, which is an XC bike. It's aluminum but super light. They let me take it over to the lake trails. The trails are dry and leaf covered so no worries about muddying the bike up. Loved it! Floated over roots and up hills and around corners. I think I'm going to trade bikes.

Had a bike board meeting last night. It started at 7 and ran until 9. With the time change, it felt like I was up late into the night. Some of the old farts on the board need to just give it up. There was way too much arguing about stuff that doesn't matter.

  • HIIT
  • 25m

Shaun T Focus 25 - Beta - Ript T Circuit
Odd, but somehow this seemed easier than the Alpha Phase. I liked that it alternated aerobic with weights, so that I wasn't dying the whole time

Ugh, this time change...the cats don't know they're supposed to sleep for another hour so they were pacing and crying at 3:30 a.m. Went ahead and got up and fed them. We drove over to Hannibal to visit Katie and her family -- it was super cold and windy so we had to stay indoors most of the day.

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