Drove down to Key West today and did the tourist thing and wandered around the Duval Street area. I did a dumb thing and wore flip flops which started rubbing blisters after about an hour. Had lunch at a good restaurant, went up in the lighthouse (all 88 steps!) and toured the lighthouse keeper's historic home.

More noseeum bites today, ugh
  • Snorkeling
  • 2h 00m

Snorkeling out on the reef

We took a snorkeling trip today on a boat with about 10 other people. Most were scuba diving, but there were enough snorkelers that I didn't feel self conscious. Years ago I took some scuba lessons but never got certified.

The boat went out about 4 miles to a reef and we explored the water for a long time, coming up once for a break and for the boat to move just a bit to a different area. Saw some gorgeous sea creatures --- beautiful schools of fish, parrot fish, angelfish, some cool blue fish that I can't remember the names, a 4-foot reef shark (scary!!), some very large and intimidating barracuda. The highlight was when the captain said to swim out to this big pole that was close by and look down --- there had been a pair of Goliath groupers hanging out for weeks there. I was blown away at how massive these fish are. One was probably 6 feet, the other 4 or 5 feet. They were just kind of hovering in the water.

Noticed later that the noseeum gnats were getting worse as the weekend wore on. Eventually it was so bad that we couldn't really go outside at the resort.

We left Sanibel Island in the morning and drove south to the keys and got settled in our hotel --- the Parmer Resort on Little Torch Key. Our first time in the keys. The key we were on was tiny, with only our hotel and a handful of houses and one beach bar. We did some walking through the neighborhoods, which were kind of odd, being a mix of new pricey homes and old run-down shacks. Maybe there's no zoning here?
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  • 16.67 Mi/hr

Rode over the causeway almost to Fort Myers and then turned around on the "last chance to change your mind about leaving the island" ramp and rode through some ritzy subdivsions on the east side of the island.

Steve and I went out for breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe. I bought a couple of t-shirts and a jar of their homemade strawberry jam for my sister-in-law. Went back to the Sun Dial Resort and kind of hung out until it was time to ride.

There aren't a lot of options for riding on Sanibel --- I mean, it's an island so you can just ride round and round and back and forth. Some people are cool with that. Mike and Becky seem to be fine with it and judging by Strava, they dont' mind riding the same loop day in and day out.

They have been having some relationship problems, fairly serious actually. I won't go into a lot of detail but suffice it to say that Becky, who had retired from Memorial Hospital here in Springfield, renewed her dietician license and is putting out job applications in Fort Myers. It sounds like she plans to part ways with Mike eventually. That's probably a good thing. Becky's been hanging on to her futile dream of Mike marrying her for years now, even though he told her no, he didn't want to get married. Or rather, he told her sure they could get married as long as he could sleep with other women. WTF??? Who does that?

Sometimes I want to grab her by the shoulders and shout at her to get out of this going-nowhere arrangement.

  • 2h 10m
  • 37.00 miles
  • 17.08 Mi/hr

Rode with Steve, Mike and Becky over to Captiva Island and had lunch at a little place that serves a mean key lime pie.

Went for a ride today on rented road bikes. We rent from a shop called Billy's bikes --- Billy is an Australian lady who knows her way around bikes --- she does most of the mechanical work for the shop. My bike, a newer Jamis, fit ok considering we didn't do a true fit --- just messed with the seat height. I felt a little crunched but it was tolerable - the bike seemed to be better suited to someone with a longish torso, but it worked out just fine for no more than we would be riding.

For dinner we went to a seafood place. Also walked the beach a lot today, as the weather was perfect.

My "last project" ended up chewing up the entire day on Tuesday, but it's done and out the door. I spent the rest of the day packing, overpacking, unpacking. Honestly, it's not necessary to take every piece of warm weather clothing and we do have a washer/dryer in the condo. Not sure how much BT access there will be so I'll just sign off until next Wednesday. Have a great week!
I'm working today and then Steve and I are flying tomorrow down to Sanibel Island for a couple of days before continuing on to the Keys. Sounds like our flight is far from full and we're flying in and out of little airports as opposed to using St. Louis Lambert, so I feel pretty comfortable about the Covid issue.

Finishing up what is probably my last project at work, which will go out today. I can't say it's a particularly memorable project - an SOQ for an airport job in Columbus, OH, but the team of managers I'm working with are great people and I made sure to thank them for all their help over the years. I would say it's emotional but since I've been pretty much WFH since March, there's a disconnect.

Took the gravel bike to the the LBS yesterday for the annual "Teardown and Rebuild". They completely dismantle the bike, right down to the last screw, and clean, repair or replace everything. Matt already messaged me that the brakes and rotors are down to "almost nothing", which, given my death grip on sketchy downhills, is not a surprise. It's a bit like getting a brand new bike when they are finished

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