The sore throat thing has escalated and I spent the day Friday lying around. No coughing but just general crappy feeling and nothing tastes good. At least it hit on the weekend when I can get some rest.
Happy Valentines Day, BT!!! I hope it's wonderful for you.

I have the day off and I think originally had thoughts about getting a nice long ride in today. But yeah, it -2 degrees with the wind chill and I'm fighting a cold/sore throat thing, so it's going to be an indoor kind of day. No worries --- will Zwift in the morning, meet my friend Brenda for lunch (assuming the cold doesn't get any worse than it already is), and maybe go to the gym and walk on the treadmill a bit.

My nutrition's been crap this week, need to rein things back in.
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The bike club social was fun and had a decent turnout in spite of the weather. It snowed all afternoon and into the evening but the roads seemed ok to travel on. Today may be a different story. I could hear the snowplows through the night and they're out working now (5 a.m.). Getting to work may be tricky

I just realized that I've missed a couple of workouts this week, mostly due to having stuff going on in the evenings and on lunch hour. Should be able to pick up where I left off tonight.

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Had to sit through a 2 hour presentation yesterday afternoon with the rest of the department. It was supposed to be a "Better Writing Techniques" seminar, but in a nutshell, it was more about proper use of apostrophes, commas and semicolons. So over this. I probably could have skipped it but don't want to be seen as a slacker even though I'm somewhat in coast mode.

Have a hair appointment late in the afternoon and then we'll probably go to the bike club social at a local brewery. I'd really like to get my Zwift on but at the same time, I'm starting to feel S.A.D. setting in and a little social stuff might be just the ticket.

We had out bike club board meeting last night. Ugh, these meetings just take so long, even with a very well organized agenda with time limits on the individual items. I got home at 9:30 and promptly went to bed.
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Steve got home from Florida Sunday morning, feeling pretty good about the property management company that he decided to go with. I think they will do a good job for us.

As I had suspected, the stem on the Niner was a bit too long. The fit guy ended up swapping out the 100 mm stem for a 75 mm and if the weather ever breaks, I'll ride it a bit and see how that feels.

My mom's appointment with the ortho surgeon was encouraging. He doesn't want her to jump into surgery right away, as she's in good health, but rather keep a log of how her pain is and see if it's trending higher or lower. He would also do the viscos (sp?) injections first before resorting to surgery. We both really liked the doctor -- he is new to the clinic but not a new doctor and has a very good bedside manner.

On tap for today is some yoga and then I have a bike club board meeting this evening that hopefully won't run too late.

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zwift Wasn't really feeling this ride but got it done

On tap for today, some HIIT/weight work before going to breakfast with some of my tri friends. Steve gets home late morning so it will be good to have him back home. Have an appointment at 1 with the fit guy at the LBS to make a few tweaks to the Niner --- I think I may need a slightly shorter stem.

Other than that, it's cold and icy out and I'm feeling ready for some warmer temps.

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