• 3h 25m
  • 40.00 miles
  • 11.71 Mi/hr

Had a really nice ride with Barb and Mike Spann. Not too muddy on the gravel roads. We did have to turn back once when the road was closed due to a bridge being built. If it had been summer, we would have tried wading across the creek but yeah, it's winter, the water is high and moving really fast

Even though it's still cold, on our ride today it felt a little like the land is "waking up". Lots of birds singing and we saw some deer and turkey moving. The snow and ice are thawing and in some places where the road butts up to the river bluffs, there were little waterfalls spilling down through the forest and across the roads. So yeah, some of the roads were sloppy and soft but I'm sure in another couple of weeks they will be in prime condition.

Steve's last stockholder meeting went well. The company presented him with a really nice framed resolution of his retirement --- they do this for everyone, but it was still very cool to read. Not sure where he will hang it, maybe in his home office.

Headed over to Pittsfield this morning to meet Barb and Mike for some gravel riding. Per Mike, the wind dried things out yesterday so the potential for mud is minimized. I figured out a route that's about half blacktop, half gravel, and no water crossings!

  • 4h 20m
  • 57.49 miles
  • 13.27 Mi/hr

Brrr, Brenda and I had a good ride but it was sure cold! I think this is the coldest ride I've done that wasn't on a mountain bike. Took back roads out to Salisbury and Athens, then back up the bike trail. Wind was out of the SSW and in our face much of the way.

But I'll stop complaining --- the sun was out and anytime you can get out in february, it's a win

I had originally planned to drive to Mississippi today for a race, but opted out of that. Went ahead and took the PTO day with the idea that this will be big weekend of riding - I'm three weeks out from Mid South, so the timing is right. Meeting Brenda at 10 for some riding.

But it's cold, darnit it. Will be 30 degrees at the start and only get up to 38 for the day. I've been a big wimp about riding outdoors this winter because well, it's COLD and it kind of sucks riding in the cold.

We'll see how long we last out there

So. Much. Coughing. At night when I lie down. Found some Claritin (the non drowsy type) and took that in lieu of a cold med and got some relief from the tickle in the back of the throat. Today is a week since this crud started, hopefully it has just about run its course.

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Zwift "Build me up" plan

  • Yoga
  • 30m

More coughing this morning but my voice seems to have returned. I hate burning PTO but had decided that I would stay home if I still had laryngitis. This cold is kind of strange --- it completely skipped the head congestion stage and went straight to my lungs.

I opted out of the Mississippi gravel race -- with Steve not available (he got his dates mixed up and can't go), the idea of driving 9 hours to a race where I know no one just did not appeal to me. Plus I saw where the Jackson, MS area is getting nasty flooding. Seems like it' best just to take a pass. I was able to sell my race entry through a forum that was set up for transfers, so that's a definite bonus.

  • 24m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

Short zwift session

Laryngitis all day. I can't remember the last time I lost my voice, but it's been quite the adventure. I did go to work since I sit back by myself, but it seemed like I had to talk on the phone quite a bit today. That was hilarious

  • 1h 00m
  • 17.80 miles
  • 17.80 Mi/hr

"Sneaky" workout from Zwift's Build Me Up Plan

6 PM Update
Got on Zwift and told myself I would try 30 minutes and see how things went. Once I broke a sweat, I actually felt fantastic and went ahead and finished the workout. Hoping that was the right thing to do.
I keep losing my voice, other than that feel pretty good.

Got up a couple of times in the night coughing, nothing that getting a drink of water didn't calm down. I may try some light Zwfiting later.

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