Today was breakfast at The Egg (delicious), then a hike on the easy trail at Emerald Mountain. In the afternoon all four of us tubed on the Yampa River. The water is very low but there were still some fun spots with mini-whitewater sections. We all agree that today would be a bit of a rest day.
  • 5h 32m
  • 62.00 miles
  • 11.20 Mi/hr

Took the road bikes out and rode up to Steamboat Lake. There's a steep (10%) 2.5 mile climb up to the lake, had to walk part of it. Coming back down was a blast.

Today was a road bike ride, lunch at the store in Clark, CO, then dinner at Barb's condo where we worked on finishing up the leftovers from Saturday. Feeling pretty well acclimated now but I keep having to remind myself to drink more water.

  • 3h 00m
  • 36.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Did the SBT Green Gravel Loop. About 1900 feet of climbing, with a sketchy downhill on Cow Creek Road. Kept it easy since my HR was climbing on the hills.

Did a gravel ride this morning which turned out to be a really nice route. We had ridden this last year but the roads were in better shape this year. Bluebird skies and low humidity made for perfect riding conditions. I'm not yet acclimated to the altitude and could feel my HR rising quite a bit on some of the climbs, but it's getting better.

In the afternoon Steve and I hung out at the pool and basically did nothing. We're trying out a restaurant tonight and will do a road ride tomorrow up to Steamboat Lake.

Travel day -- we spent Friday night in Lexington, NE and then hit the road early, only to have to wait a bit due to some thick fog that was hanging in the Platte River Valley. Got checked into our hotel and then met up with Barb and Larry. Barb has been here in Steamboat for a week, so she was a gracious host and cooked a fantastic meal of chicken tacos.
I'm working a few hours from home this morning to tie up some loose ends and then we're hitting the road for Steamboat Springs. It's about a 16 hour drive from home. We'll probably spend the night somewhere in Nebraska. Last year we stayed in Grand Island --- I remember the hotel there was pretty dated but had an amazing burger restaurant, so it worked out pretty well.

Our friend Barb is already in Steamboat and has been posting some amazing photos. But she's getting bored and ready for some company. Our friend Larry is going to follow us. The van is packed to the gills and we're taking both gravel bikes and then have a hitch where the road bikes will be stowed. Aaaaaannd, we might rent mountain bikes while we're there. So lots of gear.

Cats - Ollie and Latte seemed a little confused and were really needy on Tuesday and Wednesday, but now are really calm and seem to have worked out the new pecking order in the house. Hoping they aren't too bratty for the pet sitter.
  • 1h 25m
  • 20.00 miles
  • 14.12 Mi/hr

Morning ride. Headed south of town this time. It was pretty and a bit rolling but there is definitely more traffic out this way with people using the country roads to get on the interstate.

  • 55m

80DO - Day 11 - AAA
Doubled up on the bands for some of the moves today

I need to go in the office for a few hours today, then go to the grocery store and get organized/packed for our trip. I'm very much looking forward to getting away from things for a while.

  • 1h 00m
  • 12.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Short little ride before work

  • Aerobics
  • 37m

80DO - Day 10 - Cardio Core
Jeez oh pete, what a sweatfest...

It's 54 degrees this morning, great summer sleeping weather. Today will be working from the office in the morning, lunch at Mom's and beginning to pack for our trip. I'll try to get a bike ride in at some point, it would be a shame to waste this beautiful weather.

one of my coworkers is married to a super nice guy who is from Beirut. They learned that his mother, who was working in an office 1 mile from the explosion, was critically injured and passed away later. I feel so bad for them, it's possible they won't be permitted to travel home for her funeral

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