• 1h 02m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 16.45 Mi/hr


  • Aerobics
  • 25m

Shaun F Focus 25 - Cardio
Still modifying most of the moves

It rained all day, canceling any outdoor plans. I resorted to riding the trainer for an hour. Tried to go to Hobby Lobby in the afternoon for a few items and kept on going when I saw a line of about 15 people standing outside the store, waiting to get inside. No way was I going to deal with that.

  • 1h 30m
  • 21.00 miles
  • 14.00 Mi/hr
  • HIIT
  • 25m

Shaun T - Focus 25 - Ab Intervals

It's been overcast all day. On my bike ride this morning, I ended up taking off my glasses because nothing could keep the fog and mist from collecting and making it tough to see anything.

My 9/11 story -- DD Erin was in the hospital with a ruptured appendix (she grumbled about a vague stomach ache for about a week, nothing new for that kid since she always either had a stomach ache or a head ache and hated school). I was camped out on the couch in the hospital room and woke at some odd hour to see what appeared to be yet another movie about terrorists playing. Changed channel. thought it odd that the same movie was on another channel. Slowly realized that this was not a movie but a real news clip and it was on every TV station. A doctor poked his head in the room and watched for a few minutes and commented that it was a sad day for our country.

  • 1h 00m
  • 15.00 miles
  • 15.00 Mi/hr

Zwift - sweet spot intervals

Outdoor yoga at the Y was great, it was kind of overcast and even a bit misty but that worked out just fine. Hoping this class can continue into October.
I ended up working almost all day Wednesday in the office and put myself in a nasty funk because of it. Didn't get to ride outdoors on a beautiful day and I had to not look at Strava because it seriously felt like everyone was getting outside. Today should be just as busy but I'm planning to work from home.

Steve heads out for his annual Lake of the Ozarks golf trip with some buddies. There was question as to whether or not this would even happen this year but 8 of them are going and I hope they have a good time.

Sport #1
  • HIIT
  • 26m

Shaun T Focus 25 - Total Body Circuit
Had to modify a lot but can tell I will like this one when I figure out the moves

Sport #2
  • Yoga
  • 45m

Outdoor yoga at the Y

Another busy work day on tap. On Tuesday I was in the office from 7:30 to 3 and made great progress on my projects. One of the managers called to let me know we would need to be setting up a website for a client, probably in October, and I had to let her know that I can help out in the short-term but will be retiring in December, so will be handing that off to some others on the team.

If it's not raining, I plan to hit the 9:15 outdoor yoga class at the Y. If Mother Nature is benevolent, that class should continue into October. Then I need to get some kind of ride in later today.

  • HIIT
  • 25m

Shaun T Focus 25 Speed 1.0
Holy h*ll I am so uncoordinated! Resigned myself that I'll be doing the modifier for a while on this one

Heading into the office this morning to knock out a couple of deadlines. Not sure if I'll get a ride in today, lately Monday has turned into a day off and my legs appreciate it.

  • 3h 15m
  • 40.00 miles
  • 12.31 Mi/hr

Gravel riding out at New Salem

  • HIIT
  • 25m

BB - ShaunT Focus 25 - Cardio

Spent most of the day at my sister's, where we made and canned a bunch of salsa. My mom and my brother and his family were also in attendance. It was good to see everyone and enjoy the day.

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