Went to a holiday lunch with Steve's former department --- it was really nice. In true retiree fashion, we were the first to show up, along with three other retirees. Got caught up with some former coworkers from the highways department. This was at one of those steakhouses with a huge grill where you can cook your own steak. We were able to get swordfish and it was amazing.

Wrapped some presents and figured out there a few additional small gifts I would like to pick up, but otherwise I'm in good shape as far as gifts.
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Got most of my Christmas shopping finished up this morning. I did stop by our local Target and looked around, mostly for a pair of shoes for myself. Ugh, nothing looked remotely appealing.

Signed up for a sprint triathlon in September. It's a gravel/trail race, which is the only reason I signed up. I figure I can walk the run if necessary. There's a gravel race the day before and if you do both the gravel bike race and the triathlon the following day, you receive a very cute hoodie. Couple of my friends are also signing up. It should be fun to train for this although I guess that means getting back in the pool!

Had to stop by the "old office" to drop something off. It was the first time I've been back since I retired a year ago. Some of my coworkers were there so it was great to see them and catch up.

Lunch at Mom's and then we went to dinner with some cycling friends at a local pub where the special was half-price horseshoes. Horseshoes are a Springfield, IL specialty that started at (I think) the Leland Hotel back in the 1920's. It's a piece of toast, topped with your choice of meat (traditionally a hamburger patty but I went for turkey), then topped with french fries. Then a cheese sauce is poured over this. The sauce is what differentiates one restaurant from another, this was more of a white cheese and milder. I really liked it but man, is it a heavy meal and very unhealthy.

Driving home from the restaurant was scary--- it's super windy here and very warm, perfect tornado conditions. I don't think that materialized but there were wind gusts over 50 mph.
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Got a bunch of Christmas shopping done today, now there's mostly wrapping to be done.

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Kickboxing/aerobics video from cdornerfitness.com

Busy day with lot of errands, doc appointment, and AT&T. Steve has had a "company" cell phone for years and has been on retainer as a consultant since he retired, but he's choosing not to continue as a part timer effective the end of the year. So he gets to keep the cell phone number that he's had for 20-some years. We had to go to AT&T to get the number switched to my personal account. He also upgraded his phone.

I admit to being pretty negative about how long this was going to take, but surprisingly it was less than an hour. Maybe it's just me, but every. single. time I've had a transaction at AT&T it's been like closing on a house. Maybe even worse. The constant upsell efforts just wear me out. There was none of that today. None!

I started a new nutrition/weight loss plan --- ponied up for Fascat Coaching's weight loss plan. It's four weeks with all the menus, meal plans, meal prep, etc. laid out for you. Today's food was:

Breakfast: oatmeal with almond milk, a TBSP of honey, cup of berries, and 1 egg+ 1 egg white
Lunch: "Rocket" wrap --- basically some chicken on a wrap with hummus and a whole lot of vegetables. Wrap had to be 10" size. You're not supposed to count calories but I did find a brand that has a whole grain version for just 80 calories.
Dinner: Green Goddess Bowl -- arugula, rice, chickpeas, chicken (can be tofu if plant based), tomato, onion and either their homemade Tahini dressing (which I did not make) or a dressing of your choice. Used Panera's Asian Sesame dressing
Snacks: Piece of fruit, plain popcorn

We got home around 2 this afternoon. Decided to drive the Tallahassee route rather than come through Atlanta. It's about an hour longer but definitely less stressful. On Saturday night we stopped for the night in Athens, Alabama, just south of the Tennessee/AL border. Slept soundly and then got up this morning and drove the rest of the way. It's about 17 hours total, not counting stops for gas/bathroom/food, etc.

We saw some of the tornado's devastation while going through Kentucky --- our route was about 25 miles north of Mayfield, and you could tell where the tornado passed through, destroying everything in its path. Saw some houses that had been leveled and quietly hoped whoever lived there got to safety in time.

The Edwardsville, IL Amazon warehouse is so scary --- our company has a small office in that town and we have some friends who live there. Everyone is fine, other than losing power for a bit.

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