No workouts today, other than my usual yoga which I don't log. I've been working through a 30 day free yoga series by Alo Yoga which is built around the elements of earth, wind, fire and water, so that some practices are power oriented and leave me sweating. Others (water, earth) are slower and more restful. It's been a good way to mix it up and I'll probably repeat it.

Today is Mom's 87th birthday. We took Olive Garden and a small cake over there. She is doing fantastic with her knee replacement and even taking short steps without a cane or walker. She has trouble getting comfortable at night, but just naps during the day more than usual.
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Zwift workout

Yet. More. Rain.
Had a haircut in Springfield at 9. My salon is really close to my old place of work, so I drove past and it looked like the parking lot was maybe half full. I know that a lot of coworkers were really hoping they could continue working from home.

I downloaded a checklist for Ride the Rockies and am mentally starting to prepare for packing things. You are allotted one piece of luggage with a maximum weight of 70 lbs. This piece of luggage is transported from town to town as the ride progresses. I don't know if the largest suitcase I have is going to suffice for 7 days with questionable laundry access.

Steve bought a new Explorer --- he sold the old Explorer to his nephew for a very reasonable price. Not sure how that will work out, the vehicle is 8 years old with 150,000+ miles on it. We had it checked out by a mechanic and replaced the braker rotors but otherwise it was in great shape mechanically, so hopefully the nephew has a good experience.

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More zwift

Back in February I ordered new bike shoes through our local shop. They JUST came in on Friday. Went by the shop and hung out while cleats were installed. We joked that the shoes had been riding around on the Suez Canal all this time.

Mom's first PT appointment was this afternoon. My sister took her, so I called after and learned that she is doing very well, even a little ahead of what they had expected. I'm not really surprised, she seems very motivated and has a good attitude.

Our bike club is having a series of events that consist of supported rides over the summer. You pay a small fee for all the rides and at the end of the season, receive a club t-shirt (this is a new item) and are entered in a drawing for a bike shop gift certificate. Since I'm the webmaster for the club, handling the registration and subsequent problems that go along with that is consuming a big part of my day. It's almost like a job, except it's something I love. The pay's not very good though, lol

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Decided to ride the trainer today rather than get outdoors, although that would have been preferable. It's overcast and gloomy with the threat of t-storms, and if something happened with Mom, I felt more accessible than if I were out on a ride.

Spent Friday night at my Mom's --- she did great during the night. Other than some help with keeping the ice packs swapped out, she didn't really need much assistance. I slept on the couch in the spare bedroom. Her condo is set back in a 55+ retirement subdivision and is pretty far away from any major roads but with the way sound carries, I could hear a lot of traffic during the night.

Made a bunch of food that could be reheated easily, more for my brother who came in around mid day to stay with Mom tonight, since he is domestically challenged, and then went home.

Mom is pretty independent and I could tell that, while she enjoyed having her family around, she is ready for some privacy. We (siblings) decided that we can just to some checks on her several times a day rather than have someone spend the night. Her PT starts on Monday.
Mom's surgery seemed to go well --- it was 3 hours from the time I got the text that "Surgery has started" to "Patient is being moved to Recovery". I hung around the hospital waiting room (still allow only one person at a time), had lunch in the cafeteria and did some meal planning while waiting. Surgeon called me back while Mom was in recovery to say that things could not have gone better and he was very pleased with how things were looking.

Stuck around for a while and then my brother wanted to come and visit, so I got some food ordered for Mom and left when he arrived. I thought Mom looked great and didn't seem too groggy, even under influence of some heavy-duty pain meds. My brother texted us all later and said that the PT had arrived and they had her up and walking.

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