We are heading out for Colorado this morning and will be back on the 20th. Not sure if I'll be on BT much during that time, but I'll post some pics on FB.
Spent the day cleaning the house, organizing, running errands. We met Barb for dinner at Tacology and heard about her experience at Unbound Gravel. Sounds like things were normal -- hot, hotter than hot, windy.
  • 1h 45m
  • 25.00 miles
  • 14.29 Mi/hr

EZ ride on the gravel bikes. Got caught in a pop up rain shower and took shelter at a small church for about 20 minutes

Kind of a busy day --- got a shortish ride in that was made longer by getting caught out in the rain. We hung out under the overhang at a little church until the rain passed. It was overcast and rain the rest of the day, so a good day to get indoor stuff done.

I worked on the GPS routes for Ride the Rockies. We are changing up a few of the rides due to riding to our hotels at the end of each day as opposed to finishing at the tent camping area (those people are hardcore) and this task took longer than it should have. It does look like we ride on quite a few dirt roads, which makes my heart happy.

My sister's birthday is Wednesday so I'm making her a small cake --- she loves carrot cake so I adapted a spice cake mix (not sure I had all the dry ingredients). Can't recall the last time I baked a cake and it rose properly in spite of the rainy weather.

Bike club board meeting lasted 1 1/2 hours but was pretty civil, so I call that a win.

  • 4h 17m
  • 57.00 miles
  • 13.31 Mi/hr

Cruised around with Brenda and Ron

Rode with Brenda and Ron today. The wind was significant and it warmed up fairly early, such that we opted to cut out a leg of the ride that would have us out in the open for about 10 miles. No one wanted to fight that wind.

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