• 6h 00m
  • 75.00 miles
  • 12.50 Mi/hr

Rode from Telluride to Ouray Ride down the mountain from the resort was terrifying

We rode from the Peaks Resort in Telluride to our hotel in Ouray. Original plan was to leave out bikes at a secure aid station in Placerville, at mile 64, and take a shuttle to Telluride, but at the last minute we decided to just ride to the hotel. This added another 1,000 feet of climbing to the ride but we learned later that the aid station was never set up and people were stranded there for hours. What a bunch of BS.

Our hotel was beautiful and very welcoming. Also there is a/c in the halls and common areas but not in the rooms. So our room was like a sauna in the 90 degree heat and didn't cool down until about 2 a.m.

  • 7h 00m
  • 75.00 miles
  • 10.71 Mi/hr

Rode from Cortez to Telluride

got up early and left the town of Cortez. Loved the hotel here -- an older Best Western. The a/c was working great and they served a "real" breakfast, not just the grab and go muffins that a lot of places are offering right now.

The dry, hot air is doing a number on my sinuses and throat.

Today was probably my favorite route -- it wound through some rolling country with a lot of trees and there was a stretch of dirt road that was fun for a while.

We are heading out for Colorado this morning and will be back on the 20th. Not sure if I'll be on BT much during that time, but I'll post some pics on FB.

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