Took a rest day, legs were feeling pretty sore. Kind of a quiet day -- took lunch over to Mom's and hung out there for a while with my sister. Mom continues to recover better than expected.
  • 6h 15m
  • 100.20 miles
  • 16.03 Mi/hr

Big ride day!

We needed to get a 100 miler in and opted to ride a route that the bike club has been using for the summer cycling series. At the 20 mile stop, we took a break in the town of Franklin and I realized that I had left my nutrition (PB&J sandwich and some bars) on the kitchen counter. Ugh...had to live off the convenience stores that we passed through. So my nutrition for the day was:
- Mile 20 - Franklin Fast Stop - Ritz crackers with PB
- Mile 41 - Murrayville Fast Stop - split a small cheeseburger with Steve
- Mile 57 - Jacksonville Caseys - piece of cheese pizza
- Mile 80 - New Berlin Fast Stop - another PB cracker and a Diet Dr. Pepper

That worked alright, although it was a humid day and I dropped 6 lbs. If only that would stick!

Just before Murrayville, we encountered a couple of horses who had gotten out of wherever they lived and were contentedly grazing in the tall grass in the ditch. No farm in sight, so we let them be and hopefully the owner found them.

After leaving the Casey's in Jacksonville, the route took us through some pretty sketchy areas of that town. I commented that I would hate to get a flat tire and the club would need to modify the route.

Of course, I eventually DID get a flat tire but it was in a remote, country area. Must have run over a thorn or something that just stabbed the tire really quickly because we could not find anything. I confidently went to pull a spare tube from my seat bag and lo and behold, the tube was too big --- must have been intended for my gravel bike. Steve did have a tube that would work but that's pretty scary when it's the only one between two people. We kept fingers crossed the rest of the ride.

The wind was horrendous starting at mile 40 and we had to fight that the rest of the way home. I was absolutely shattered at the end but glad we got a big ride in

Bike #1
  • 2h 20m
  • 36.00 miles
  • 15.43 Mi/hr

Road ride with Steve, Steve S, Larry and Barry

Bike #2
  • 1h 30m
  • 18.00 miles
  • 12.00 Mi/hr

Bike club gravel ride

Memorial Day was great --- we have newish neighbors (moved in next door in a house where previously an elderly man lived) and they had family over. The family across the street had a big graduation celebration for their daughter, and there was another party going on catty-corner. Even though we weren't involved, I loved all the positive energy in the neighborhood. Two years ago all the noise would have been somewhat annoying, now it feels like things are getting back to normal after lockdown.

We did a road ride in the morning and went through the town of Athens. We were just getting into town and riding past a cemetery and there was the sound of gunfire --- it was terrifying. Is this a drive by shooting? What is going on? Until we realized that it was a 21-gun salute at the cemetery!

I didn't cancel the bike club ride in the evening. I really didn't think to do so since now that I'm retired, it didn't register that it was a holiday and most people would be with their families. Brenda showed up, Steve tagged along, and a new rider showed up right at the last minute wanting to join. He is down here from Chicago on a work assignment and just bought a gravel bike.

Got home a little late but we still had time to grill some burgers and enjoy the beautiful evening.

  • 2h 03m
  • 23.00 miles
  • 11.22 Mi/hr

Led the C group ride for bike club

Really nice day --- led the short distance for our club's second challenge ride, then helped out at an aid station for a while before going home and doing some gardening/yard work. Turned out to be a gorgeous day with sunshine and low humidity.

  • 5h 03m
  • 71.00 miles
  • 14.06 Mi/hr

First ride on the Aethos

On Friday afternoon, I picked up my new road bike from the lbs and this morning, took it out for a ride. My old road bike was a 2010 Pinarello FP2 --- a very nice bike in and of itself, but a bit stiff and unforgiving which always translated to a sore back. The gearing wasn't particularly well suited to climbing even after some upgrades, so I bit the bullet and bought the new Specialized Aethos Comp.

This thing is incredible -- it has SRAM's new electronic e-tap shifting system. I can see now why people love electronic shifting. And 12 speeds makes the hills more comfortable. Anyway, I rode with Steve and Larry on some rolling hills with a couple of big climbs out west of Hannibal and had a great time.


While we were riding, we got a text that our friend Becky was in town and wanted to get everyone together for dinner if possible. She's the Sanibel Island friend whose long-time (10 years) boyfriend, Mike, has been cheating on her. She came out of retirement and got a job and bought her own condo on Sanibel, which she can't really afford, but whatever. We had heard that she and Mike were broken up.

So when they walked in to the brewery, obviously very much together, it was confusing for everyone. I learned that Mike is back here for the summer and Becky misses her cycling friends very much, which I get, so she came back for the weekend and is staying with Mike. And Mike is dating anyone and everyone and told Becky he wants to get back together but he's going to keep playing the field until she makes up her mind.

And from what I was hearing, it sounds like Becky might actually quit her job, sell the new condo, and go back to living with this tool. I don't understand this shit. We all make mistakes, Lord knows I stayed with my awful ex-husband longer than I should have. But jeez... I had to bite my tongue but I really think she needs some professional help at this point. There's been so much drama with this couple and some of their friends have given up and won't speak to her anymore. I hate to do that but it's so hard to watch this train wreck of a relationship continue and get worse and worse....

If you've read all this, thanks for listening!

It rained all. day. and temps stayed in the 60s. I swear this weather makes me want to hibernate and eat comfort food.
No workouts today other than some yoga in the morning. Took Mom to her 2-week follow up with her ortho surgeon. Things are looking great and her leg is straightened out (it had been bowing badly prior to TKR). He rebandaged the incision, and gave refills for her pain meds and we were out of there.

I got the impression Mom's a little lonely and overwhelmed with all the recovery stuff, so opted to just hang out at her condo and work on a crossword puzzle with her for the rest of the morning. A big thunderstorm rolled through and made for a cozy day.

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