• 2h 43m
  • 37.45 miles
  • 13.79 Mi/hr

Road ride with Steve. Felt like of blah, my head cold/sinus issue that started in Colorado seems to be gaining momentum. We were 2 miles from the bike trail (and thus close to the end of the ride) and the road was closed due to some construction on a culvert. Options were to either turn around and ride on a very unsafe, busy road, turn around and go back another way, adding about 8 miles to the ride, or hiking through an alfalfa field to skirt around the construction. We went with the latter.

My sore throat that started last week turned into a head cold --- seems like there's something going around. My friend Mary has been fighting this for over a week. She even lost her sense of taste and smell and went twice to get tested for COVID. Negative, just a bad cold.

It cooled off a little and was actually 49 degrees this morning! There's been some rain and our flowers have never looked better. Everything is in bloom right now. A couple of years ago I planted a little lavender plant in the front garden area and it's covered in flowers. Smells so good when you go outside!

  • 15m

Medicine Ball

We got home around 4 pm on Sunday after driving 11 hours on Saturday and 7 or 8 hours today. The stretch of Colorado between the foothills of the Rockies and the Kansas border has to be one of the longest, most desolate pieces of 2-lane highway in the U.S.

Ride the Rockies was good but very difficult. I rode 4 out of the 5 days -- the 5th, and toughest day, I woke up feeling really ill (possible food poisoning) and opted to call for the sag shuttle. This turned into a bit of a fiasco, as there were about 30 people on this shuttle, and we were not allowed to bring our bikes. Bikes were loaded onto a separate bus and taken to God-knows-where. It was close to the end of the day, when things were being torn down, that I cornered a volunteer who somewhat knew what was going on and was directed to an area where bikes were being unloaded. The disorganization and lack of communication about this was enough to make me decide I would not do this ride again.

Lots of other issues too -- aid stations were not set up where advertised, leaving people stranded in isolated area for hours at a time. The route was beautiful but we were on dangerous roads with narrow or no shoulders and shared these roads with semi trucks and heavy traffic. Caterers who did not show up, forcing people to scramble to find food along the way.

I give the organizers kudos for trying to pull this together --- there were 2,000 riders so it was a huge endeavor --- but feel that they should have waited another year to let all the COVID-19 related issues settle down.

Travel day - going home.
Travel Day -- Left Durango at 7 in the morning and made it to Russell, KS. Tried a bierock sandwich at a local restaurant. Good!
Slept like crap, suspect I had a touch of food poisoning. Opted to sag from Ouray back to Durango. This turned into quite the ordeal that left me convinced I would not do another ride ever where I was dependent on being shuttled by the organizers.
Rest day in Ouray. It's so hot, temps are still in the 90s. We went to the hot springs water park and hung out in the cooler parts of the water, then found a tiny sliver of shade and napped.
  • 6h 00m
  • 75.00 miles
  • 12.50 Mi/hr

Rode from Telluride to Ouray Ride down the mountain from the resort was terrifying

We rode from the Peaks Resort in Telluride to our hotel in Ouray. Original plan was to leave out bikes at a secure aid station in Placerville, at mile 64, and take a shuttle to Telluride, but at the last minute we decided to just ride to the hotel. This added another 1,000 feet of climbing to the ride but we learned later that the aid station was never set up and people were stranded there for hours. What a bunch of BS.

Our hotel was beautiful and very welcoming. Also there is a/c in the halls and common areas but not in the rooms. So our room was like a sauna in the 90 degree heat and didn't cool down until about 2 a.m.

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