• 1h 45m
  • 25.00 miles
  • 14.29 Mi/hr

EZ ride on the gravel bikes. Got caught in a pop up rain shower and took shelter at a small church for about 20 minutes

Kind of a busy day --- got a shortish ride in that was made longer by getting caught out in the rain. We hung out under the overhang at a little church until the rain passed. It was overcast and rain the rest of the day, so a good day to get indoor stuff done.

I worked on the GPS routes for Ride the Rockies. We are changing up a few of the rides due to riding to our hotels at the end of each day as opposed to finishing at the tent camping area (those people are hardcore) and this task took longer than it should have. It does look like we ride on quite a few dirt roads, which makes my heart happy.

My sister's birthday is Wednesday so I'm making her a small cake --- she loves carrot cake so I adapted a spice cake mix (not sure I had all the dry ingredients). Can't recall the last time I baked a cake and it rose properly in spite of the rainy weather.

Bike club board meeting lasted 1 1/2 hours but was pretty civil, so I call that a win.

  • 4h 17m
  • 57.00 miles
  • 13.31 Mi/hr

Cruised around with Brenda and Ron

Rode with Brenda and Ron today. The wind was significant and it warmed up fairly early, such that we opted to cut out a leg of the ride that would have us out in the open for about 10 miles. No one wanted to fight that wind.

  • 3h 55m
  • 53.00 miles
  • 13.53 Mi/hr

Hot ride

Got out early for a ride, trying to beat the heat. I had aspirations of doing a metric but changed plans when the tar started bubbling up on the road.

Had dinner with another couple --- we spent some time with them when we were in Phoenix back in March. It was great to catch up.

No workouts today --- went back down to the fitter guy in St. Louis for some help with the new shoes I got. Had worn the shoes twice and had quad pain each time, and I also wondered if maybe the shoes were too big for me and if so, I needed to return them before 30 days was up.

Fitter confirmed that the shoes were the correct size but the cleats needed to be moved back quite a bit. And then he tweaked the fit on both road and gravel bikes a little bit. So I should be good to go.

The local guy from SLF Motion is having another contest for June --- he published a list of 6 roads in obscure places in a 3-county area and then put some stickers on those roads (those bright arrow stickers). The goal is to find the roads and take a pic of the stickers on each road and send those pics to SLF. You're then entered into a drawing.

  • 1h 35m
  • 22.00 miles
  • 13.89 Mi/hr

EZ ride with Steve on the gravel bikes

Took a rest day, legs were feeling pretty sore. Kind of a quiet day -- took lunch over to Mom's and hung out there for a while with my sister. Mom continues to recover better than expected.
  • 6h 15m
  • 100.20 miles
  • 16.03 Mi/hr

Big ride day!

We needed to get a 100 miler in and opted to ride a route that the bike club has been using for the summer cycling series. At the 20 mile stop, we took a break in the town of Franklin and I realized that I had left my nutrition (PB&J sandwich and some bars) on the kitchen counter. Ugh...had to live off the convenience stores that we passed through. So my nutrition for the day was:
- Mile 20 - Franklin Fast Stop - Ritz crackers with PB
- Mile 41 - Murrayville Fast Stop - split a small cheeseburger with Steve
- Mile 57 - Jacksonville Caseys - piece of cheese pizza
- Mile 80 - New Berlin Fast Stop - another PB cracker and a Diet Dr. Pepper

That worked alright, although it was a humid day and I dropped 6 lbs. If only that would stick!

Just before Murrayville, we encountered a couple of horses who had gotten out of wherever they lived and were contentedly grazing in the tall grass in the ditch. No farm in sight, so we let them be and hopefully the owner found them.

After leaving the Casey's in Jacksonville, the route took us through some pretty sketchy areas of that town. I commented that I would hate to get a flat tire and the club would need to modify the route.

Of course, I eventually DID get a flat tire but it was in a remote, country area. Must have run over a thorn or something that just stabbed the tire really quickly because we could not find anything. I confidently went to pull a spare tube from my seat bag and lo and behold, the tube was too big --- must have been intended for my gravel bike. Steve did have a tube that would work but that's pretty scary when it's the only one between two people. We kept fingers crossed the rest of the ride.

The wind was horrendous starting at mile 40 and we had to fight that the rest of the way home. I was absolutely shattered at the end but glad we got a big ride in

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