Sun came out and we were able to take the grandkids to the water park. Nice day
Is it ever going to stop raining? Seriously...I think our area has had 10 inches of rainfall in the last two weeks. Enough already.
Steve picked up his grandkids this afternoon and we have them until Friday morning. The water park is looking questionable but there's a newish indoor play place that they really enjoy, so we might spend some time there on Thursday.
Just did some yoga and body weight stuff this morning and am too lazy to log it.
Took mom to her ortho appointment --- it's been 6 weeks since her knee replacement and she just finished up PT. The doctor released her to drive, which she was pretty excited about.

Other than that, I was not really motivated to do much of anything. It's either thunderstorming or blazing hot, and that trend is probably going to continue for a couple of days.
We left Michigan at 7 in the morning and got back home shortly after lunch. Traffic was easy, even around Chicago, and there was no construction going on, so it was smooth sailing. Now to unpack, catch up on laundry, etc.
  • 8h 12m
  • 99.00 miles
  • 12.07 Mi/hr

Michigan Gravel Coast Loop

Steve, Mike P and I did the 100 mile option for the Michigan gravel race. It started at Stearns Beach in Ludington, on the shores of Lake Michigan, and headed east for a big loop through the Manistee National Forest.

Weather was good --- overcast with low winds which you really didn't feel except in the first and last 15 miles. In the woods, there was no wind, just some light drizzle. The roads are packed sand and for the most part, were in great shape. There were some hike-a-bike sections where the sand was loose and deep, and some big puddles on some of the fire roads.

We stopped at a general store in the town of Dublin to get water and some food --- lots of riders were doing that. In retrospect, we should have just figured out a way to get supplies to the checkpoint, as I missed a podium spot by 3 minutes. But it's all good, I really enjoyed this ride and needed a positive experience after all the drama in Colorado.

Pouring down rain. I felt bad for the gravel riders who were doing the 200 mile option. The DNF rate was 42%, with lots of destroyed drivetrains and damage from the sand.

We actually considered turning around and going home but decided to wait until Sunday morning to see what the weather held before making that decision.
Violent t-storms last night, the kind that wake you up with loud claps of thunder. There's some rain in the forecast for Michigan but hopefully it doesn't amount to much.

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