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Out early with Steve --- did a lap through the wildlife sanctuary and saw a lot of deer

Blech, so hot and humid out there. It's supposed to rain later and bring in some cool air.
We're tentatively shopping for new living room furniture (just a couch and recliner), so went to a couple of furniture stores today. It's crazy how much of a delay there is to order anything --- 6 months to a year. Found a couple of pieces that might work but did not make a final decision just yet.

Discovered a cool yoga site that is sort of a clearinghouse for a lot of online instructors. I'm working through Sara Beth's power yoga and really enjoying her practice --- doing one video a day and then going back and doing that again, as hers are a little more challenging and don't necessarily follow the usual flow.

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EZ cruise on the gravel bike

Went to lunch with a former coworker and got caught up on office gossip. I really don't miss that BS at all.

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Monday night gravel

The feels like temp was hovering around 100, so for the Monday night ride, I asked if everyone would mind if we just rode up the paved bike path and then did some laps on the singletrack. This was a hit and a couple of people did not know about the existence of the trails. Being in the cool forest was great.

We meet in the parking lot of one of the larger parks in Springfield and there's plenty of parking to go around. When we got back, there were two beat up cars parked right next to Molly's SUV. Keep in mind that there was absolutely no reason to park right next to her car, as there were only a few vehicles in the parking lot. One of the cars was parked so close that she would have had a tough time getting in on the driver's side. And some real sketchy looking young men hanging around. One of them had a pair of pliars and was messing around with what looked like electrical conduit, all spread out on the back of his vehicle. No idea what that was about.

Molly had brought some cold drinks to share and we set up camp. The two guys eventually got in their car and left. It felt like we had interrupted something --- drug deal? One of the cyclists said it looked like they might be planning to try to break into Molly's car.

At any rate, we'll move the meeting location to a more frequented area for next time.

Rest day today. Worked at an aid station for a couple of hours for the bike club and then went home and stayed out of the heat.
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Dust Bowl 80

Headed out for the Dust Bowl at 5 AM, driving through the Indiana country roads in the dark. Eminence is a really small community but the race organizers pulled out all the stops and had volunteers working parking, info booths, etc. I think they had around 400 riders for this first-year event.

Given my complete lack of sleep, I had been entertaining the thought of skipping the race and sleeping in the van, but with the forecast high of 92 for the day, that would be like climbing into an oven and there wasn't a lot of shade to be had. Decided to go ahead and race.

Right before the race, the director asked if anyone objected to him leading a prayer for everyone's safety. Loved it. With all the woke crap going on in this country right now, it was refreshing.

There was a neutral rollout led by someone in a jeep. Just before I got dropped, noticed we were running 23 mph. It was going to be a fast race.

Course had about 2600 feet of climbing for the 80 miler. True to form, I was toward the back of pack and took my time. The heat was oppressive and there was a haze over the cornfields and the dust would stick to your sweat and formed a cakey goo.

At the first aid station, I went to unclip and my right foot was caught on the pedal...crap. One of the cleat screws had worked loose and went flying, landing in some gravel. The other screw was also loose any my cleat was dangling loosely. Ugh....I'm amazed that I was able to find the screw. My multi tool did not have the right size allen wrench, but another rider helped me out and we got the cleat on again. This cost me some time and I was nervous the rest of the day about the cleat coming loose.

The rest of the ride was relatively uneventful. I was by myself until the last 20 miles, when a lot of people who had gone out fast started having heat-related issues and slowing down. Saw quite a few people sagging in. Stayed cool by pouring water over my head at the aid stations and going easy on the hills.

Right after I finished, the big blow-up finish line seemed to implode and collapse. It was a particularly funny moment as the organizers ran to fix it. Found Steve, who was waiting in the shade under a big tent. Told him I was going to go get my flip flops and then come back and get a shaved ice (you got a ticket with your entry, as well as a meal ticket). While I was clear across the parking lot, heard my name called for an award.

I got 3rd in Masters Women! Not sure how that happened with my slow pace, as there were 10 in my age group. I'm guessing some either chose not to ride due to the heat or had to drop out. Either way, I'll take it!

Steve and I headed out for the Dust Bowl 100 (we are actually riding the 80 miler) this afternoon. Brenda followed along. There aren't many hotel option near the race venue in Eminence, IN, but the organizers offered a good rate at either the Staybridge Suites or Holiday Inn hotels near the Indianapolis airport. We chose the STaybridge, Brenda had the Holiday Inn. The two hotels sit right next to each other so it seemed like a good option.

Traffic going through Indy was typical for a Friday afternoon. Was glad that Steve was driving. We got to the hotels and Brenda learned that the Holiday Inn was hosting a huge Harley Davison rally that was raising money for St. Jude. The hotel was calling guests and just giving them fair warning about the rally. What the hotel was NOT warning guests about was the stage in the parking lot --- evidently there would be live bands. Ugh...not good for trying to get a good night's sleep.

So Brenda was able to switch over to our hotel after she had already checked in. Helped her gather her stuff and move it to the Staybridge Suites. We went to packet pickup at a local brewery and had dinner there. Really good fare.

NO SLEEP TONIGHT!!! We went to bed around 9 PM. The band next door was in full swing --- heavy rock. I was sleeping close to the window and while it wasn't necessarily loud since we were one parking lot over, the vibrations from the heavy bass were really jarring and I just lay there with a pillow over my head. True to form, Steve slept through it.

The band stopped around 11 pm and I was just drifing off to sleep when the sound of little girls' shrieking and laughing started up. A freaking birthday party in the room literally across the hall. We were in a short little hallway and it was just our room and the birthday girl room. And the walls seemed to be quite thin.

Lay in bed until 1:30 listening to doors slamming, kids running and laughing, screaming until I couldn't stand it anymore. Steve went down to the front desk and lodged a polite complaint, and the noise seemed to abate for a while, only to start up again at 4 AM. that point it was time to get up.

Grumpy doesn't begin to describe my state of mind.

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