Got to Madeira Beach mid-afternoon. I'm wiped out from the long drive, but it was great to get in the sunshine. Hit the Winn Dixie to stock up on groceries, then had a bike club Zoom board meeting in the evening.
Both of us are pretty much recovered --- probably just one of those little viruses that are making the rounds. My friend Brenda has been sick for a week and keeps testing negative for COVID.
Left Illinois around 8 in the morning. The only inclement weather we encountered was between Clarksville, TN and Nashville, where there was snow with big fluffy flakes. Roads were good and when we reached Atlanta, traffic was pretty light so we opted to drive through and get to the south side of the city before stopping for the night.

But it is COLD!
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Our plan was to head down to Florida today, but between both of us being a bit under the weather, and then the very real issue of the winter storm making its way across the country, the decision was made to push our departure to Sunday.

I'm feeling much better. Got a little winded coming up the stairs in the morning. By the afternoon, even that was improved. Steve laid around and napped most of the day. It's just rainy, windy and cold, and supposed to turn into snow tonight.

Quiet day --- laid low and watched tv between naps. Headache is gone but pretty congested. A couple of friends seem to have the same thing, all testing negative for Covid.

I watched a documentary on Peacock about Ghislaine Maxwell. Fascinating story about a very interesting woman who made incredibly stupid choices.

Also, RIP Betty White
felt a little off this morning. My eyes have been kind of watery and scratchy, which is unusual for me. Allergies? Who knows. Went to Target to pick up a few things and by the time I finished up, was definitely feeling a scratchy throat and headache coming on. Ugh...with the holidays, I've been around so many people, some of who have had colds, flus, etc. . I'm all vaxed and boosted, but it seemed prudent to get a COVID test. Long story short, there were no appointments available either through Walgreens, where I would normally go, or even through my doctor, until next week. We're supposed to head to Florida on Saturday, so I really didn't want to wait that long.

Drove back into town and cruised by a walk-in testing place. There was a line of people threading out the door and down the sidewalk (adding that it's 25 degrees and misting here). That looked like a trainwreck.

Steve, trying to be helpful, told me to go to the place in the parking lot at the local mall. He drove by there and one of the poor overworked nurses told him you did not need an appointment. I was skeptical but went anyways. No, you don't need an appointment but still need to fill out an online form and get in the queue. And it's not free --- the rapid test is $129. At least you could sit in the privacy of your own vehicle and not have to stand out in the elements. It took about 2 hours to finally get tested and on my way, and results were negative.

Spent the rest of the day lying around, feeling like crud. Fingers crossed that this is just one of those 24-hour things.
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Bit of a rant -- I used to get some pretty bad PMS and bloating. But at least there was the knowledge that after about a week, it would all magically go away and I'd wake up deflated. This menopausal bloat thing is a whole other ball game. Since it's the week between Christmas and New Years, I've been lax about following my nutrition plan and holy h*ll, am I paying the price.

On a happier note, Steve and I went to the movies last night! we haven't been in a theater for several years, definitely not before COVID. We saw "American Underdog", the story of Kurt Warner. I'm not a football fan but enjoyed the movie very much -- no sex, violence, profanity, just a nice feel-good story. We went to the 4:10 showing and when we got out, it was freezing rain. Ugh...

Cold and rainy day. Had a haircut in the morning and then lunch at Mom's. We are headed back to Florida on the first for a couple of weeks, so I've started the packing process.

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