• 5h 07m
  • 76.00 miles
  • 14.85 Mi/hr

Big ride on the Pinellas Trail from Seminole north to Starkey Nature Preserve.

Steve, Larry and I did a big ride on the Pinellas Trail today, heading north through various towns. I'm riding STeve's old road bike which will remain down here so that we don't have to haul bikes back and forth. It's maybe a little big for me --- a 56 when I usually ride a 54, but with some tweaking, it's comfortable enough.

I"m not a fan of multiuse trails to begin with, and this trail system, while a great community asset, is incredibly busy. It's worse around the touristy areas -- Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, etc. We had a couple of close calls with clueless people who wouldn't get out of the way. Saw a bad situation just outside of Dunedin where two cyclists (riding hybrids, so hopefully not going too fast) had collided head-on while one tried to ride around a group of walkers. There was an elderly man lying motionless on the ground with people tending to him, waiting for an ambulance.

In the afternoon we had a guy from Home Depot come out to measure for blinds, then the evening was low key.

Took a rest day, legs are a little sore.
  • 2h 12m
  • 34.00 miles
  • 15.45 Mi/hr
  • Yoga
  • 1h 00m

Yoga on the beach with the Madeira Beach Yoga crew.

  • 2h 10m
  • 31.00 miles
  • 14.31 Mi/hr

Rode with Steve and Larry to Dunedin and back via the Pinellas trail

Still a little cool for Florida but we were able to get out in the afternoon for a ride. Of course we went to Home Depot this morning to look at cabinets, etc. We'll probably get things lined up to gut the kitchen and baths later in the year, during the off season. It needs new floors but not sure that's in the budget for this year.

Went to dinner at Dockside Daves but it was a little too cool to sit outside.

Got to Madeira Beach mid-afternoon. I'm wiped out from the long drive, but it was great to get in the sunshine. Hit the Winn Dixie to stock up on groceries, then had a bike club Zoom board meeting in the evening.
Both of us are pretty much recovered --- probably just one of those little viruses that are making the rounds. My friend Brenda has been sick for a week and keeps testing negative for COVID.
Left Illinois around 8 in the morning. The only inclement weather we encountered was between Clarksville, TN and Nashville, where there was snow with big fluffy flakes. Roads were good and when we reached Atlanta, traffic was pretty light so we opted to drive through and get to the south side of the city before stopping for the night.

But it is COLD!
  • 1h 00m
  • 18.00 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr


  • Yoga
  • 30m
Our plan was to head down to Florida today, but between both of us being a bit under the weather, and then the very real issue of the winter storm making its way across the country, the decision was made to push our departure to Sunday.

I'm feeling much better. Got a little winded coming up the stairs in the morning. By the afternoon, even that was improved. Steve laid around and napped most of the day. It's just rainy, windy and cold, and supposed to turn into snow tonight.

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