• 1h 05m
  • 20.00 miles
  • 18.46 Mi/hr

Zwift -

Rainy day that got increasingly colder. I knocked out another course on Tour of Zwift, I think I now have only 3 rides left to do to complete that. We met some friends for lunch and then ran a bunch of errands.

Notable about today is that we FINALLY cut the cord on Comcast cable TV. Steve has been dragging his feet on this since his Cardinals baseball is the main issue - we would have to subscribe to another streaming app to watch that. Which is fine, really, there are a lot of options. But the latest Comcast bill was the last straw and they don't seem to want to work with their customers anymore.

  • 45m
  • 6.00 miles
  • 8.00 Mi/hr

Rode MTB outdoors

Had lunch at Mom's --- was good to see her and my sister. In the evening, our bike club had a trivia night at a local cafe. I would call it a huge success. The two individuals who put it together did a fantastic job!
  • 1h 00m
  • 17.00 miles
  • 17.00 Mi/hr


Spent the day unpacking and getting organized.
After the race we drove until it started to get dark and stopped for the night in West Memphis. Found a Quality Inn and booked online. Google maps took us to a slummy hotel on the wrong side of the interstate. Confused, we called the Quality Inn and they confirmed that we had the right address and they did have our reservation, no idea why Google directed us to the wrong address. Found the right place (it was really just across the interstate on a frontage road). Had to go back to the front desk three times to have the girl get our room keys to work. The area felt a little sketchy and not very well lit.

It was 8 PM and we hadn't eaten dinner. I also needed a shower pretty badly. Steve went out to try to find something and returned with Wendys. He'd gone to a Walmart thinking we could get stuff to make sandwiches, and said he was about the only person in the whole store, which made for a very eerie experience. Shelves were pretty much empty. That area fared badly in the ice storm and sounds like there are still areas without power. He decided to go to a Wendys and try to get something. Only the manager was there, and he said he had about four items to choose from --- they had no drinks, no salads, no chili. We ended up with chicken sandwiches and soggy fries but sure tasted good.

Got out of the hotel early and drove the last 5 miles home, landed around 2 in the afternoon. Sure felt good to get home.
  • 5h 35m
  • 53.40 miles
  • 9.56 Mi/hr

Mississippi Gravel - Rockcrusher

We made it to our hotel in Louisville, MS -- a 20 minute drive to Ackerman where the race was held. There are no hotels in Ackerman and only a few in Louisville. It's a beautiful area but not much there. Settled on Wendy's for dinner since, again, there were few options. Carb loaded with chili and a baked potato.

Race morning and the temp was 23 degrees, clear with light wind. Ugh..I cobbled together some warm riding clothes.

Fast field, I was dropped like a hot potato quickly and rode by myself for the first 20 miles. This doesn't normally bother me but riding through the dark TomBigBee Forest, with my GPS occasionally glitching, I felt a little nervous. The hills started immediately. I think I ended up with 4,000 feet by the end of the day.

At mile 25 I happened across a guy named Jed who was from Hattiesburg, MS and having chain issues. The mud was getting deeper and you had to pick your line carefully. The chain on my bike slipped off too and didn't want to go back on. Jed helped me out and showed me how to engage the clutch on the rear derailleur (had no idea how to do that) and said it was an old mountain biking trick for when conditions were slick and sandy.

Mile 27 was the worst -- a stretch of deep rutted mud. There were several riders there with either broken derailleurs or broken chains, waiting for sag. I will say that my Niner gravel bike is not as fast (for me anyway) as some of the other bikes but it has massive fork clearance and I floated through this section without having to stop.

After this, it seemed like there was always at least one rider close by.
Finished up and found STeve. He had a good day but we both agreed this was the hardest 50 mile ride we've ever done. Had shrimp and grits from the food truck and it tasted amazing.

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