• 55m 44s
  • 6.06 miles
  • 09m 12s /Mi

great weather for a run :)

  • 1h 06m 52s
  • 7.08 miles
  • 09m 26s /Mi

good run .. wore a light long sleeved tech shirt and regretted it at mile 2.

today is a scheduled rest day and it couldn't have come at a better time. This weekend I swam 2.4 mi, biked 112 (saturday), and ran 10 mi (sunday). body needs to rest !

my rr:
chesapeakeman aquavelo > 2.4 mi swim/ 112 mi bike
overall> 8h 27m 41s
swim> 1h 29m 06s
t1> 9m 12s
bike (with stops)> 6h 49m 25s

I was really apprehensive about this race. I didn't view it as a 'race' so much as a 'really long training day' but I knew my performance at CM-AQ would be a pretty good indicator of where I was for IMCOZ.

thursday night I decided to read the spectator's guide. packet pick-up closes at 6 pm. leaving work early to get to Cambridge: not a problem. doing so on a court day: problem. with a judge that goes slowly: a big problem. the tri gods must have been smiling down on me because I had a very light afternoon docket and I was able to head over to Cambridge around 2:30.

I got into Dorchester County after an uneventful drive (hit a teeny bit of beach traffic), and picked up my race packet at the Hyatt after meeting up with my race buddy Cathy. we got THREE tshirts -- all tech (2 short sleeved and 1 long sleeved), a crappy water bottle, and bags for bike gear, post race clothes, and bike SN (=special needs). then went to Great Marsh park to get my bike inspected and rack it. it was strange to rack at such a small race -- I think abougt 250 did the iron distance and 140ish for the AquaVelo (and 50 for the swim only). bella passed (of course she did, she's my good girl) and Cathy and I headed back to the Hyatt for the pre race meeting. Met up with Shaun -- a(nother) bt-er -- and sat through the meeting.

Then: dinner. we did the "carb load" all-you-can-eat buffet at the Hyatt. .. delicious! several different types of pasta, grilled chicken, salmon, salad, etc... plus "dirt" for dessert (chocolate pudding with oreos).

Stopped by Rite Aid to buy water to fill up my Infinit (put the powder in the bottles before I left), tried to check in at the Holiday Inn, realized I was supposed to be at the Comfort Inn, checked in at the Comfort Inn, put all of my gear in its bag: post race/ pre race clothing, bike gear, bike SN, watched a re run of the pilot for Modern Family (hilarious, btw), read, and fell asleep at 10:30.

Woke up at 4:30 (thank you wake up call and cell phone alarm) after a decent night's sleep. ate my poptarts, put on my swimsuit and sweats, and headed out to the high school to drop off my bike SN and take the shuttle to the swim start at Great Marsh Park.

got to the swim start.. "pumped up my tires and I oiled my chain" . waited in line for the port o potty, as per usual, then shimmied into my wetsuit and headed down to the water for the swim start.

it was a mass start (no waves) but with only about 300 swimmers total it really wasn't that bad... there was the usual kicking/ punching/ grabbing going on, but nothing too awful. the first 'leg' (the first straightaway in the photo) was good... and then we turned the first buoy.


all of the sudden I understood how the Choptank river got its name (okay maybe that's not why but I'm too lazy to look it up) - It. Was. Choppy. everytime I turned to breathe I got a mouthful of salt (okay, brackish) water. I started lifting my head out of the water more to make sure I got air and not water. had trouble sighting because of the mini-waves, too. oh, and I kept grabbing handfuls of jellyfish ! I didn't get stung but it was a very 'eeeeewww' feeling.

I glanced at my watch a couple of times and realized this was not going to be a 2:00/ 100 swim. I was okay with it, though ... it was my first 2.4 in open water (my first more than 1.2 in open water), it was a rough swim, and it was a training day.

I walked up the boat ramp as soon as I started feeling the conrete... stood up sloooowly after being horizontal for 90 minutes and someone yelled out my number so another volunteer grabbed my bike gear bag.

I decided to do a full change (1) to be more comfortable on the bike, and (2) to see what it will be like for Cozumel. I went into the women's tent and, well, just changed. Peeled off my swimwear and put on my bike gear. Grabbed some water to rinse the choptank taste out of my mouth and headed out to the bikes to grab Bella and go.

I must have been really doofy from the swim because I had a lot of trouble clipping in... and then more trouble putting my water and infinit bottles back in the cages. I have no idea what was going on in my brain... I'm so used to taking them out and putting them back in - it's not like these are new cages. the first photo will be of me trying to stuff my water bottle back on the bike - nice !

the course is flat flat flat and windy windy windy. the first part is an out and back ... and I got my first taste of a nasty tailwind on the back part. I've ridden this course twice before (well, most of it), so I knew what to expect, but I swear the wind wasn't this bad last time !

I was getting passed but it didn't bother me... I'm used to it, it just means I got out of the water faster :) and this was, of course, a long training day more than a race. I stayed in aero most of the time but came out every so often to drink and stretch.

Special Needs was at the high school at mile 66. I was SO happy to get there -- just to reach a milestone. I can't look at races as one long day (I don't think most people can or do) and hitting SN was a good "more than halfway" point. I threw away my trash from my pocket and got my second bottle of Infinit and second payday. also resprayed myself down with Off!

After SN I passed a few people (yay!) and stopped at the port o potty again... I didn't really have to pee that badly but I wanted an excuse to get off the bike.

A lot of the race went through Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. I kept thinking blackACRE and getting property flashbacks. then I tried to remember the rule against perpituities but all I could remember was "an interest must vest, if at all, within 21 years..."

I sang. Out loud. Mostly showtunes.

There were some puddles which were just delightful - nothing like wet socks.

Nutrition: 250 calories of Inifint per hour (3 hours in one bottle) and half a payday bar at miles 25, 50, 75, and 100. I had some Infinit left over but overall I felt REALLY good with my nutition. I didn't feel hungry or overly full and my energy was good.

I hit some low points mentally but I think that's to be expected. they were along the lines of "why the eff am I doing this?" and "how am I only at mile x?" and "am I on the course? because I haven't seen anyone in a while." thoughts on how to deal with these from my loyal readers? I just tried to pull myself out of the funk, focus on the good, etc.

Oddly the worst part for me was mile 105. I thought once I hit 100 I would be good to go but hitting that big milestone and THEN having 12 more mi was almost more than I could handle.

I just kept going and thought - not for the first time - the faster I go, the sooner I can get off. Oddly enough, the end snuck up on me ! I saw the high school and went left into the "bike finish" lane. yay !!

dismounted my bike and then walked over the timing mats - wheee ! a volunteer - they really were world class! - took my bike from me . someone else gave me a medal. I went into the gym to get food and a massage. (love free post race massages).

I am now 2/3 of an Ironman ! I am completely and utterly exhuasted but I am now pretty certain that with the rest of my training AND a proper taper I will ROCK IM Cozumel. It's a big confidence booster to know that I can do the full swim and the full bike.. all that's left is that tiny matter of a 26.2 run ;)

to remember for next time: advil (I had a slight headache for a while) and my chamois cream! I can't believe I forgot it !
  • 1h 38m 51s
  • 10.17 miles
  • 09m 43s /Mi

really feeling the effects of yesterday

  • 6h 49m 25s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 16.41 Mi/hr


(inccludes stops)

  • 1h 29m 06s
  • 3863.00 meters
  • 02m 19s /100 meters


rest day !

heading over to Cambridge after work (well, ducking out a couple hours early) to ChesapeakeMan AquaVelo ... longest training day coming up ! yikes !
  • 48m 55s
  • 2350.00 meters
  • 02m 05s /100 meters

wu: 400
6 x 50 build
4 x 100 (RI 20/15/20/5)
4 x 100 (RI 20/15/20/5)
200 easy
6 x 75 (odds - last 25 spring/ evens - last 50 sprint)
cd: 200

  • 40m 15s
  • 4.47 miles
  • 09m /Mi

great run, but hate that it's totally dark at 7:15... me and the mill may become reaquainted soon :(

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