• 5h 06m 21s
  • 89.71 miles
  • 17.57 Mi/hr

VERY good bike! This felt EASY. We went out at an 18mph pace. It was a good group. No one going crazy. Nobody needing a lot of help. Just a good, solid group of people. Yes!
We had about 1.5 hours of hard rain, and otherwise it was mostly overcast. So it was a very cool ride, compared to what I have been doing. I felt like I was hardly working, which was a good feeling coming on the heels of a big run yesterday.
At the end of the ride, Mark realized he was close on making his deadline to get home, and we picked it up to 20mph. Not many stops. Certainly no long ones. Great riding with DLaw! He got a flat, but it was fixed quite efficiently!

  • 2h 30m 06s
  • 14.16 miles
  • 10m 36s /Mi

I can't believe how hot it was at 5:30 a.m.! Wow! I took it nice and slow because I have a long bike tomorrow.
I had a slow first 9 miles, then started to pick it up. When I was done, I felt ready for more.

  • 1h 00m
  • -----
  • -----

I was hoping to get in an hour and 30 minutes, but everyone got out after an hour, and the 7 a.m. regulars didn't show. Sigh. Can't do OWS alone.

Sport #1
  • Yoga
  • 45m
Sport #2
  • Yoga
  • -----

  • 1h 41m 36s
  • 27.86 miles
  • 16.45 Mi/hr

Pace for the first 1:22 was hard. Then rode with Beth to her house. Then did laps of Drexel/Cassady to get up to my required time. Just 4 on the ride today. Good group. I was riding next to Beth sometimes and felt comfortable with the cornering.

  • 19m 01s
  • 2.10 miles
  • 09m 04s /Mi

Ran by myself. Didn't have a run scheduled today, but I don't want so many days off running before my 2:30 run this weekend. Felt good. Went out fast (8:08) without realizing it, and toned it down some.

  • 1h 22m
  • -----
  • -----

Dock to building.
Building, around island, back to building.
Building to dock.
Dock to Building.
Building to Beach.
Beach to dock.

  • 1h 24m 24s
  • 23.72 miles
  • 16.86 Mi/hr

Good ride. Definitely a fast day today. One person got dropped. It wasn't me!

  • 29m 28s
  • 3.38 miles
  • 08m 43s /Mi

Top speed was sub 7-min/mi on the sprint back to the cars. Felt great.

Had a great ride and run today. Will upload later.

  • 1h 15m
  • 3300.00 yards
  • -----

300 swim, 300 kick, 300 catchup

6 x 100 on the 1:40 with 15s rest
100 easy
4 x 100 on the 1:37 with 15s rest
100 easy
4 x 100 on the 1:36 with 20s rest

300 drill (rightonly, leftonly, catchup, by 25s)

200 c/d

Good swim. Although I would have rather been at the quarry, it was a good hard workout. I haven't done a 300 kick set in weeks and weeks. Felt good to push hard, and come in on the 1:36 each time.

  • 59m 03s
  • 6.36 miles
  • 09m 17s /Mi

Ran with Mike - did the long loop. It was hot. Even Mike was complaining.

OK, this is going to be my second-biggest week in terms of volume for all of IM training.

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