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It's easy to get insulated when you homeschool your child. You could look up other homeschooling networks in your general area and see if you could bring your child in to learn or into an event of theirs. This is a good way to pick up new, fun, homeschool projects and get out to meet different people. Many homeschooling networks have their own culture and way of doing things. This is particularly useful if you as an educator are weak in a particular subject and another network isn't.

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Some homeschooling networks allow for you to exchange students or to group your students together to form something more like a classroom. This is particularly useful if you lack a certain educational background or if you want write essays for you with teacher. For example, if you have a strong background in classical literature, you could head the reading section. If someone else is good in science, they can take that one. By figuring out what a parent's strengths are, you assure that your student is getting a good education and getting some socialization outside of the home.

One of the major drawbacks to homeschooling is the lack of socialization outside of your personal social structure. It's possible to have an education and fun homeschool experience. By getting out and experiencing other activities with students that are not homeschooled, your children are gaining common background with their peers. This common background and shared experience will assist them in forming bonds when they get out of the homeschool environment and enter the workforce.

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