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About MeDamwon Gaming was first introduced to us in the 2018 Worlds. Most of the teams had been talking about Damwon Gaming's junior Korean team in scrims and how they were going to dominate the world in LCK next year. They didn't live up to their hype the next year. Damwon Gaming received a boost in 2019, and qualified for Worlds however their performance was not great when they lost to G2 Esports at the quarter-finals. In the year that they bought Ghost from Sandbox Gaming and their results improved with every game they played. Damwon is just one step away of the ultimate honor in "League of Legends", and being part of the elite team that will win the "Summoner’s Cup". However, many are interested in the players, and where they come from. We will take you down memory lane and give brief stories for the five players who started.

Top: Nuguri

A hard-working teenager who was a lover of videogames is how one would describe Nuguri in the early days of his professional career but with time he started to concentrate on League of Legends far more than his studies. He participated in an internet cafe tournament where he received his first opportunity to be a part of a professional group and participated in IGS for a whole year. It was there that he was noticed by Damwon Gaming, who wanted to make him the team's top laner for their main team. Nuguri has not only brought his incredible skill, but also his vibrant personality to the team, which is an aspect that isn't to be overlooked in a professional environment. Nuguri gained prominence quickly during Korean SoloQ. Players feared him for his exceptional laning and team-fighting. But, Nuguri still believes he is still learning. What has also changed is his desire - he is now more focused than ever to win the Summoner's Cup and become the most successful player in the world. On DAMWON Gaming: Who Are They, you are able to figure out more regarding them at

Jungler: Canyon

Canyon is the only LCK jungler to possess an e-pentakill, but the road to the point of attaining it was not without its difficulties. Canyon began his journey with Damwon Gaming in late 2018 and was an integral part of the scrims-kings' era and was among the top junglers of the world at 17 and beating the best of them is thrilling for a child. Canyon did the same thing in the beginning of 2019, but others began to adopt his tactics and it affected Damwon Gaming's success.

Damwon and Canyon have been working hard throughout the this year, and they've finally made it to the promised land and the ultimate reward was the revenge they took against G2 Esports last week, in the semi-finals. Canyon beat every jungler he lost last year, and Suning Gaming is the only obstacle to his taking home the Summoner's Cup.

Mid-Made Showmaker

It is evident in the interviews of Showmaker that he is the most competitive player on team. Asked to rate how important he is to the current performance of the team, Showmaker replied: "I feel like no matter how much I win, I get carried along and when I lose, I have zero presence". It is difficult for 20-year-old players to keep the expectations of so many fans cheering for them every single week but Showmaker has made it his goal to be successful. Everyone in the team is awed by Showmaker and frequently say that he is the most vocal member on the team but the midlaner's young age has frequently confessed to doubting himself a lot.

Showmaker told a reporter earlier this year that he is the best he has ever had, but he soon admitted that he is still thinking things like: "What if I get solo killed tomorrow?" G2 Esports were in the forefront of Showmaker's thoughts all this year, and he would always mention the desire to take revenge on last year's elimination and with their win last week, we witnessed how content that he was. Showmaker would constantly send out messages, and even stealing G2 Esports post-game celebration to show that he doesn't accept any disrespect to his team or the region. We'll be seeing the Showmaker who's more comfortable and confident with the past because his eyes are towards the future.

Support: Beryl

Beryl is the main shotcaller for Damwon Gaming and why shouldn't Be the case? He is the oldest member of Damwon Gaming and has been playing there for the longest time. Beryl was an ADC at the time, but Nuclear joined Damwon Gaming in H2K and was able to join Hoit as an assistant player. Beryl was in the back, constantly studying his teammates and the online game itself, however Coach Kim was not consistent with his team selection and he didn't get the chance to demonstrate his skills as a top elite support. Beryl could show the potential of Coach Zefa during this year. On DAMWON Gaming: Who Are They, you can learn more about them at

Damwon Gaming players often joke that Baryl is not only the support, but also a top laner, a jungler, a mid-laner, and an ADC of the team at the same time due to the extent he roams the map and assists his teammates in every corner of the rift. Beryl can be described as the veteran who plays an older brother to these newbies. I think he is of a lot of CoreJJ from the 2017 Samsung Galaxy, which won Worlds. Beryl is sure to confront Suning Gaming this week and ask them to do their best against his teammates as he'll be there to protect the team!

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